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Excess Gone

Excess Gone

Don't want to pay an excess? Relax, we'll take care of it.

Just read what Excess Gone h ave to say below and you know it's true! Wy should you pay an excess on top of your car insurance policy? See if they can get you out of it or even get you a reduction.

Excess Gone:

"At ExcessGone.com, we provide a unique service to the Motorist who we all know and agree are more and harder pressed by ever rising costs.

At the point of need, our service aims to reduce or eliminate Motor Insurance Policy Excess that is payable on collection of repaired vehicles from the Body Shops - it’s that simple!

Our terms of service require that vehicles are repaired utilizing our own professional network of independent repairers.

Our body shops use state of the art processes and technology for the best refinishing standards achievable, all of whom are Manufacturer or BSI Kite mark Approved (PAS125) being their professional industry quality standards and their work is contractually guaranteed.

We do not sell a separate insurance policy; we help the motorist at their point of need - regardless of liability. We are a unique service, saving the motorists considerable sums of money and stress and we want you to inform everyone in the UK about us!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Excess Gone

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