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easy Money Car Insurance

Stelios is at it again and this time it's easy Money Car Insurance. The remarkable thing is the price, visit the website and find out more.

easy Money Car Insurance

"EasyMoney.com, the online personal finance brand of the easyGroup, owned by Stelios, has expanded its products to include car insurance.

Working in conjunction with the global insurer Zurich Insurance Company, easyMoneyinsurance.com aims to offer consumers our best price, making life more affordable for UK drivers. easyMoneyinsurance.com is offering car insurance from £10 per month, championing the consumer need for more affordable insurance.

Why pay more when you don’t have to? easyMoney Car Insurance has separated the ‘frills’ from the car insurance, in order to offer consumers car insurance from £10 per month!

We’ve made it simple to get too - get an instant quote and buy online today".

If you have been tempted by this, here is where the link was:


easy Money Car Insurance

http://www.easymoneyinsurance.com affiliate program was with OMG UK and we look forward to the welcome return of this program. Stelios fans may be interested to visit some of the easy group companies who are included in the list of easy anything, for example easy Cruise. Or, if it is specifically Car Insurance that you are looking for, you are welcome to view the remarkable set of options on the page of Car Insurance