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Things are easy, unless of course they are difficult!

As well as the word "easy" being in dictionaries for quite a long while, a number of companies have called themselves Easy [something]. Many of these are part of the same group of companies, run by Stelios, and some are not. With this, as with many such issues, there are at least two sides to a story. This page includes companies which are part of the Easy Group as well as others which are not. (more notes at end). We'll try to keep track of which are which.

Easy [something] references include:

# easy art - framed pictures and works art available online - company founded by Arthur Tooth about 150 years ago.

* easy Car - hiring a car in the uk or abroad by Stelios

* easyJet Holidays - Stelios will send you off on holiday on his planes

* easyJet Travel Insurance - Stelios will sell you insurance before you fly on his planes

* easy cruise - travelling by sea on ships run by Stelios

* easy Cruise US - The same program only in dollars

# Easy Loans - finance can be easy rather than difficult.

* easy money car insurance - cover of vehicles on the road, arranged by the Easy Group

# Easy Autos - worldwide car hire.

* easy Van - this time its commercial vehicle hire run by Stelios

# Motor Easy - admittedly it's the other way around, but it is a new type of motor insurance, where you don't need to own a new car to join!

* easy Cinema - Stelios has moved into the DVD rental business

# Easy Space - Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration and Email Services

# Tires Easy - they're round and made of rubber, for automobiles in the USA

# Map Easy - navigation by having a plan of the land

# Easy Offices - business offices made easy

# Easy Aupair - making the matching-up of families and aupairs ...easy.

# Easy Life Group - beauty

# So Easy Blinds - blinds

* = we think they are part of the Easy Group of Companies by Stelios.

# = we are guessing they are not anything to do with the Stelios company. We're still happy to promote them as it's all fair enough!

We like to have it both ways and to be fair to everyone. So, if someone wants to call their company Easy [something] then that's fair enough, and even though we like Stelios we don't think he has an exclusive right to own a word in the dictionary. However, it's also important that companies aren't pretending to be part of the Easy Group when they have no connection with the company!

Usually it's easy to tell which are which, and that's quite important, as the companies that are part of the official Easy Group have a distinctive trading style, with the word "easy" in lower case in special rounded letters and in a particularly distinctive orange colour. Take a look at some of the examples to see this. In contrast, companies who just happen to be called Easy [something] usually adopt a style which is clearly different from this so as to avoid confusion. They are honest. You can also see examples of this on some of the referenced pages.

The more worrying situation is where a company isn't part of the Easy Group but adopts a style of display of their company name such that it's confusingly similar to that of official Easy Group companies. Stelios might have an objection to this as it would be trading off the reputation of the EasyGroup company!

This is then the province of trademark lawyers and judges making judicious decisions, but you can decide for yourself too. If you know a company is a genuine member of the Easy Group, then that's ok. Or, if you can clearly see that a company with the word "easy" in the name is quite distinct in having a different style, then that's also good. They should have that freedom. But if you think a company is passing themselves off as part of the group when they are not, and it's just a crafty ploy to trade off their reputation, then that's not quite fair, and the answer is... easy! You can shop somewhere else.

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