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A new kind of vehicle warranty - Motoreasy. You don't have to own a new car and you can join at any time. It may be worth a look, as cars are an expensive but necessary luxury.


"Along with thousands of other motorists we at motoreasy recognise that the time is right for a completely new approach to the way we manage the servicing and maintenance of our cars.

If you are fed up with unexpected bills, unreliable repairs or untrustworthy garages and all the worry and inconvenience of organising MOT's, repairs, servicing, roadside recovery and a host of other frustrating and expensive motoring issues, help is at hand.

What we do for you

motoreasy has teamed up with some of the motor industry's most progressive organisations to put together a unique vehicle carcare package for you, the private motorist. Motoreasy Designed to deliver peace of mind, protection, and complete vehicle maintenance, motoreasy all-in-one shows major savings on elements purchased separately and allows you to budget for the expected and unexpected costs associated with running a car.

Whilst other organisations offer parts of our package, no other company is offering the same level of cover, and no other company provides an 'under one roof' service. The collective annual cost of all the services we offer would, if sourced elsewhere, cost the motorist over £700 for a vehicle of 1400cc or less and doing 6,000 miles a year. motoreasy is able to offer the programme directly from contracted service providers at greatly reduced cost. For the typical car, as above, the motoreasy all-in-one annual cost would be £360.

You can join motoreasy at any point in the ownership cycle, regardless of where your car came from, its type, age, or mileage (nominal exclusions apply). Membership is designed to enhance the resale value of your car when you sell it".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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