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A set of useful contacts to know for adding things onto your car. It starts with blind spot mirrors and an air freshener, and a bit later it's speed trap detectors, satellite navigation, and overdrive, and after a while it becomes a custom car.

Zyra's page of places where you can get Car Accessories has been around a while, and it's always been an international list. More recently, though, a new category has been created as a specialist for Car Accessories USA




Pneus Online

Tom Tom


Campervan Gifts

National Service Network

Auto Trader

Motor Mania

Baby's Mart

Hendon Car Stereo Centre (awin)

Intranetics - "Speedtraps UK is the original and largest reseller of radar detectors and GPS satellite navigated detectors in the UK"

Nationwide Autocentre - Car servicing, repairs and MOTs

Cyclops - keeping an eye on the road ahead!

Desperate Seller - search for car parts!

Low Cost Car Audio

NP Autoparts

DecalDriveway.com - UV stable Decals/Graphics for your car

CAAGIS = Car Crazy Gifts

HIDS 4 U = Improved Car Lighting

Talktool - Safe and legal handsfree car phone callsIntranetics

Black Circles Tyres - Cheaper prices for tyres online

Red Express - Car accessories and cleaning products

Run Flat Tyres - Tyres that keep you moving!

Veno Design - create your own street machine

EBC Brakes - improve your stopping power

Just Cars Online - Advertise your car online and they'll contribute to charity

Seriously Driven - Fantastic motoring accessories!

Tyre Shopper - Shopping for tyres!

Classic car parts: RestoreClassics

Imported cars? See Toffs World

Give your car The Ultimate Finish

A new kind of car warranty? See Motoreasy

Vertar (awin) - Car Cleaning, Car Covers & Car Accessories from Vertar, the place where you can get ZYMOL, the stuff Porsche owners use to make their cars shine.

Satellite Navigation - also see suppliers of Sat-Nav, and a cautionary tale!

Karputer Ltd (af) - Karputer Direct is the first company in Europe to offer a true plug and play in-car computer/entertainment unit "IcePac2" and at the lowest price you will ever see one as Karputer actually developed the system.

Autosafe - helps stop your LAPTOP being stolen!

GearHead Cafe - US car workshop manuals and more!

Car Spares - Car Parts Finder (awin)

Electric Superchargers: eSuperchargers - was http://www.esuperchargers.com/ - now looks like it's been taken over by cybersquatters

GB Driver Car Accessories - Great range of car styling accessories, alloy wheels and motoring gifts with FREE uk delivery.

ModifyDirect.co.uk - products in the modified car market including many unusual and hard-to-find items.

Adrian Flux - insures modified cars

Hubcaps.com - Are you missing a hubcap? This site has 100's of new and used hubcaps, center caps, and wheel covers for you to peruse. Enjoy a safe and secure online ordering system.

The Radar Detector Shop - stocks speedtrap detectors including the Road Angel Plus, Compact and Navigator also the Cheetah, Bel 550 and the Snooper range of radar and laser detectors.

Starting Handles - a good idea - could be a revival!

Car Phones - see Carphone Warehouse and other Mobile Phone links

Extreme Auto Accessories(Awin)

Jeep Parts

Power Bulbs

Ask Reg

Auto Parts Nerd

Andy's Auto Sport

Auto Barn

Cost Plus Tools

Performance Lights

My Tyres

Auto Geek - putting a showroom finish on your car

Parts America

Stacks and Stacks

Racer Wheel - a car steering wheel for use on computer games

Tire Rack

Tires Easy - some quality rubber

A J Prindle

Vivid Racing

Car Warranty

Edworthys Auto Electrics

Autobulbs Direct - snazzy headlamps, etc

Sat Nav 2u

Click 4 Warranty

Trading Direct Ltd (awin)

Tyres Unlimited - also connected from the tyres page.

Truck Stuff USA - Yes! They do actually sell car parts as well!!

Cars on CREDIT: See Green Light Finance and other Credit Links


Sat-nav home - how to avoid being victim to a crime so easily