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Keeps an eye out for speed cameras/detection devices!

This is a radar trap detector, as well as being other useful driver safety gadgets at the same time. By fitting this to your car you can avoid various kinds of hazards on the road. Unlike many things, the Cyclops is actually legal in the UK! Here's what they say about it at Cyclops: "Cyclops is a totally legal driver safety aid providing advance warning of speed sensitive locations ahead. Packed with useful safety features and a clear speed limit display, Cyclops is the best and most driver-friendly system available. Cyclops provides clear and informative alerts to the presence of all speed cameras/detection devices".

This is a clever device, and although not cheap, it's less expensive than some of the penalties which you may be unlucky enough to suffer because of not knowing the speed limits and where the speed camera traps are.

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I don't think it's been silenced by the State, but you can not be sure with these things. bunged up . So, until we can find a new affiliate link there's the web address and also another speed trap detector link: Speed Traps