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SPEED TRAPS UK / Intranetics

Intraneticsspeedtrap radar detectors for sale here! tel: 0800 093 2551

If the police put more work into catching burglars rather than persecuting MOTORISTS, we'd all feel a lot safer! However, in the meantime, you can at least gain an advantage versus the evil speed-traps by knowing where they are! Intranetics is a company who make SPEED TRAP DETECTORS which can detect radar, gatso cameras, laser guns, etc. Pretty impressive.The Open Road - How fast could YOU safely drive?

Intranetics - "Speedtraps UK is the original and largest reseller of radar detectors and GPS satellite navigated detectors in the UK"

According to the AA and Autocar magazine, there are 33 per cent more speed cameras on Britain's safest roads than on the most dangerous stretches of our highways. It would seem that those speed cameras are in place for one primary purpose and that has nothing to do with road safety. It is simply to raise money in the form of fines on drivers.

The upshot of all this is the saleability of the devices that warn drivers of speedtraps ranging from GPS gatso cameras to radar and laser guns is growing in the UK.

SPEED TRAPS UK offer a comprehensive range of the latest radar detectors and GPS based speed camera detectors.

IntraneticsSpeedtrap detectors, such as... Bel Radar Detectors UK, Snooper Radar Detectors, Road Angel GPS, Origin Blue i GPS, Geodesy GPS and other Morpheous products.

To find out more about any/all of these...

Here WAS the link to go to Speed Traps UK / Intranetics

Or you can phone the special UK phone number: 0800 093 2551

www.speedtraps.co.uk affiliate program was with Affiliate Window but has now become an independent affiliate program. Sadly this has now gone, (here's the old link page).

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