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Also see Credit Cards such as Barclaycard, Capital One, and marbles. Also see the Credit Limit (illusion), How to Calculate APR and How to get out of debt

and Mortgages

Places where you can borrow money, companies that lend money. Finance and credit, loans and mortgages. Here is a list of useful contacts. Have a closer look and shop around...

(Please be patient in searching through these. During the credit crunch (global recession), loans companies initially became rather sparse, but then later, loans companies started to do better as they realised how many people were short of money and could do with a temporary short-term loan)


Instant Loans Arranged

Credit Plus Car Finance

My Payday

12 Month Loans

Cash Lady

Payday Bank

ACF Car Finance

Motor Buy Back

Car Loan 4U

Logbook Loans 247

Cash Sorted


Motor Loan UK

Pound Access

London Logbook Loans

1-800 Auto Yes


Debt Restart


Kwik Cash

Bonga Loans


Debt Advice Desk

Car Cash Point

Absolute Solutions - secured loans and remortgage on a property

Regency Cash Loan

Frontier Finance

Regency Mortgages

Payday UK

Cash Bob

UK Payday Today

Gatekey Lending

Provident Financial

62 Days

Trusted Loan Centre

Freedom Finance

Fast Wire Funds

100 Day Loans

LoansPage.co.uk - was mid=298

Get My Quote - Canada

Cash Genie Loans

Only Finance

San Francisco Mortgage Loans - was http://www.sanfranciscomortgageloans.com

Mortgage Help Centre.co.uk

Webmoney Mortgage Protection Insurance

The Finance Facility

Webmoney Payment Protection Insurance

Dead pages! The following ossuary is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

There's quite a long list here, so it has been moved to have a separate page! You can see this at the Loans Ossuary

We expect these affiliate pages will not be dead forever, so please let us know if any of them need resurrecting.

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

When considering borrowing money, remember you'll have to pay it back some time!

Do you feel you were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)? If so, you may want to give First Refunds a try.

MS Payday loans - was http://www.ms-payday-loans.com - - Payday loans electronically deposited in your bank account on the next banking day! We'll also take your payday loan application - unfortunately they failed to link back having promised to. Therefore this link has been removed. A shame!

Also, what's APR? The page also explains how to calculate APR for yourself.

Another good point: Loans and Mortgages are best arranged with places that spell the word "Mortgage" correctly and do not insert superfluous characters in the middle possibly in an attempt to fool spam-filters. More about this at the page warning about Mortgage Spam

Yes, well, it's a sad fact that a great many of these merchants have lost their affiliate programs, and their pages have been bunged up. What happened was the Credit Crunch, which during the late zero-zeros decade caused a collapse in confidence in the banking system and an end to the business of borrowing money and hoping one day to pay it back. Instead, the world moved on towards a CASH economy. Still, there are a few places remaining that will lend money, in case you want to borrow some. Don't forget, though, you'll be expected to pay it back.