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WebMoneyWebmoney Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance Basics:

Hard to beat...

The advantage with our policy is that it is age-rated – the younger you are, the lower the premium. If you’re aged between 18 and 45, you’ll find our premiums hard to beat, and even if you are over 45 we can still be competitive when compared with the products from many of the banks and mortgage lenders.

Mortgage payment protection is designed to take care of your monthly mortgage payments and related outgoings in the event that you are unable to work after an accident, if you fall sick or lose your job..

With mortgage protect we aim to bring you one of the cheapest mortgage payment protection insurance products you'll find on the web! Prices start from just £1.46 per £100** for full accident, sickness and unemployment insurance cover - a saving of over 70% compared to some high street providers – check out our comparison table. Plus, if you need to make a claim, the benefits are paid directly to you, tax-free.

In summary, with home protect you’ll get:

** Rate quoted is for a person aged 18-24, 60 day deferment, with an initial exclusion on unemployment cover of 60 days for new borrowers and 90 days for existing borrowers. Other conditions may apply.

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