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WebMoneyWebmoney Payment Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance Basics:

Hard to beat...

The advantage with our policy is that it is age-rated – the younger you are, the lower the premium. If you’re aged between 18 and 45, you’ll find our premiums hard to beat, and even if you are over 45 we can still be competitive when compared with the products from many of the banks and mortgage lenders.

Just think about it, you turn up at work next week and you’re told you’ve been ‘let go’. Alternatively, just imagine if you lose your income because of sickness or because of an accident. How will you pay for all those financial commitments whilst you find another source of income or recuperate? If you’d rather be safe than sorry it may make sense to get yourself some payment protection insurance.

Income protection insurance (also known as payment protection insurance or accident, sickness and unemployment insurance) is a safeguard against the risks of losing your job and thus your income. With pay protect you’ll get one of the most cost effective ways to get peace of mind.

In summary, with pay protect you'll get:

pay protect is underwritten by Bankers Insurance Company Ltd (part of Assurant Solutions), one of the UK's leading providers of protection based products.

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