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Secured Loans, Mortgages & Remortgages, Commercial Mortgages, Self Certification Loans, Bridging Finance, and IVA s

Frontier Finance is the new flag of Absolute Solutions, whose special page at this site goes into considerable detail and is carefully put together. Here is the new information from the company as Frontier Finance:

Secured Loans

Do you qualify? YES is the answer. Even if you...

1     Are Self employed

2     Have CCJ’s & Defaults

3     Have up to & more than 6 months mortgage arrears

4     Are still in pre-emption (Ex-Council properties)

5     Need to borrow up to a 125% of your properties value

6     IVA (Involuntary Arrangements)

7     Are Bankrupt

8     Want a Equitable charge

9     Have another Home Owner loan

10    Are looking for interest only repayment

11    Have a Buy to Let property

And whether you live in a house, bungalow, flat, maisonette, or some building of non-standard construction or a dwelling which someone might describe as a "low value" or "poor value" property.

Benefits of a Secured/Home Owner Loan

1       No ERC (Early Repayment Charges on your Mortgage)

2       Completion time 2 – 4 weeks

3       Loans from £5,000 to any amount

4       We pay for your Valuation

5       Loans over 25 Years

6       Interest only & capital repayment loans

Mortgages & Remortgages

For you, buying your home or remortgaging your home will probably be the single biggest financial transaction you ever make. It should be an exciting experience but unfortunately, at times it can also be worrying. The aim of this service is to give financial introducers access to almost 8,000 different products & hundreds of different lenders to ensure you get the service you deserve.

Our introductory service will give you access to the full range of mortgage products available through UK mortgage lenders. They offer:

1             Fixed

2             Discounted

3             OffsetFrontier Finance

4             Variable

5             Capped

6             Self-certification

7             Interest only

8             Capital repayment

Commercial Mortgages

Full Status Loans

This is where lenders will look at established businesses allowing them to purchase or re-mortgage their trading premises. Generally the lender will require...

1        Three years satisfactory accounts

2        Six months bank statements

3        A business plan

4        Assets & Liability statement

5        A interview by the lender

6        Clean credit history/light adverse

7        Loan to value below 75% (usually 70%)

The loan term can vary depending upon which lender is used & can be from 10 – 30 years. Repayment is usually capital repayment. Interests rates vary from 1% – 3% above libor.

Self Certification Loans

Individuals/businesses can now have self cert loans. This type of loan is becoming fairly simple & more & more applications are being made to lenders due to the minimum of requirements.

1         No Accounts

2         No bank statements

3         No interviews

4         Adverse credit considered

Funding can be arranged for someone starting a business to buy their trading premises. Loan to value can be arranged up to 85%. Interest rates vary between 3.5% & 5.5% above Libor. The term of the loan can vary up to 30 years.

Bridging Finance

Short term finance between 1 & 12 months available on shops, offices, hotels, industrial units, land & development finance etc. Loan to value 75%. Applicants with adverse credit considered. A minimum of information is required to complete these loans.


What is an IVA?

An IVA is a formal, legal agreement between you and the companies you owe unsecured monies to. Once in place, an IVA will help clear your debts at an affordable monthly payment over a fixed period, usually 60 months. Any interest that is owing is frozen. At the end of the fixed period all outstanding balances are permanently written off and you will be completely debt free. Due to its formal nature, an IVA can only be prepared and supervised by a licensed insolvency practitioner.

An IVA is for someone who is looking for an alternative to bankruptcy. An IVA is for someone who still has an income with which to pay off a reduced debt via a programme of affordable monthly payments. An IVA is for someone who wishes to avoid having the details of their situation published in the press and being subject to business and financial restrictions. An IVA is for someone who wants to find a solution to their debt problems while protecting their present and future assets.

IVA can be for home owners & tenants

The basic IVA criteria:Frontier Finance

- Must have at least £15,000 unsecured debt

- Must have at least £250 a month exposable income

- Must owe at least 3 creditors

If you are interested in any of this, here's the link:

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Or, if you prefer, you can phone the Debt Solutions Phone 0845 6185331

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You should only borrow what you can afford to pay back.