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"one of the UK's top online credit cards"

"marbles is one of the UK's top online credit cards. marbles has great introductory rates and marblesapplicants get an online decision in just 60 seconds! Customers can manage their account online 24 hrs a day or take advantage of our safe online shopping marblespromise and free internet delivery insurance. But it's not all virtual, they still get a statement through the post every month and can call our 24hr customer service line."

At Zyra's website we have advertised marbles credit card for many years, since the affiliate program first started at Commission Junction a long time ago! Now in 2007 we have been reliably informed that the marbles brand will be coming to an end. marblesSo, it's not just me that's lost my marbles - everyone has lost their marbles! The good news is that HFC Bank, the company behind marbles, have been very nice to us about it and we will marblescontinue to help to promote HFC Bank in the form of the RSPCA Credit Card and the Hilton Card. So, if you have a persuasion for posh hotels or for being kind to animals, here are your opportunities; the RSPCA Credit Card and the Hilton Card

http://www.marbles.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction //// old marbles link page

Typographical note: This famous credit-card company had elected to have their company name uncapitalised as part of the intriguing corporate image, hence "marbles", rather than "Marbles".

If you already have a marbles credit card, don't panic! The company is still in business. The card will still work for a long time to come, but as no new marbles cards are being issued, they are likely to become collectable!