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Things which you can collect, and have a collection of. Also see the company whose name is Collectables

...or should it be Collectibles?! Anyway, anything that can be collected and can form a collection. Collectors collect collectables, and sometimes collectables collect dust, but not always. Collectors often have an enthralling enthusiasm for their collections and generally treasure them greatly.

Things which are collected include:


Numismatism - see GovMint and The London Mint Office


TeaspoonsStamp Demon

Labels off bottles


For example, see www.milos-bittner.sk

Business cards


Supermarket Receipts



Tea Bags

Slot Machine Glass
It makes coffee tables which are a good talking-point

Old photographs

Barbed Wire
Yes it's true; see the Barb Wire Museum (was http://www.barbwiremuseum.com ) and the Antique Barbed Wire Society


Typically, collections involve items which are small and have much distinctiveness. Although it's in theory possible to be a collector of old trucks, railway rolling stock, paving slabs, or church organs, it's often a matter of practicality that the items be small enough so the collector can keep a pleasingly large collection of the items without the storage being too inconvenient.

Collectable items are fascinatingly interesting to the collector, and generally astonishing to folk who never realised that you could collect such a thing in such vast numbers and diversity.

There is usually (but not always) a historical aspect to a collection, as the older the items get, the more rare and interesting they get. It's also a good idea if the subject being collected is non-perishable (a Millennium celebration balloon which had been experimentally collected proved to be non-viable around 2004).

Here are a selection of purveyors of the finest quality collectables:

Collectibles Today

Star Wars Shop

Epic Heroes

forbidden planet

Merchandise of Comic Book Heroes

Ancestral Collections

The London Souvenir Shop

Memorabilia Mania


Fun To collect

My Hobby Store

Marvel Shop

New Line Cinema Studio Store

Fine jewellery, watches, collectables and much more.

Hollywood Mega Store

Chaucer Collectables

Lollipop Animation

Famous Retail

Charisma Brands

Entertainment Earth

Movie Market

The Noble Collection

Lee Middleton

Shop The Shows

Sports Memorabilia

Motor Mint


UFC Store

Museum Store Company

Buy It Here

Corgi Classics

Mattel Shop


Lucas Arts Store

collectible watches and other memorabilia

Grand Prix Legends

i want i want

Shop Knuckleheads

Character Online

Breyer Horses

Country Artists


HBO Store


Football Fanatics

Urban Retro

Betty's Attic

Fox TV Store

On Pole

Madame Alexander

Whales and Friends

MGM Shop

World Of Bears

Lionel Store


Media Storehouse

Medals Of America

Equestrian Collections

Adventure Harley Davidson

Cartoon Network Shop


FIFA International UK

FOX Shop


Pro Sports Memorabilia

Hot Topic

Mini Model Shop

Century MMA

Mclaren eShop

Pin Mart

American Mint

Fire Star Toys

Just Miniatures

NBC Universal Store

Johnson Crafts

Gizzmo Heaven

San Francisco Music Box

On The Cover


Kaskey Kids


Collectables Direct

Bud Shop

Grand Slam NY

Fight Superstore



Farm Toys Online

Detroit Athletic

A1 Sporting Memorabilia

Hollywood Toys and Costumes

Chimp Feet

Precious Moments

Ironclad Authentics

My Craft Store

GT Models

Ugly Doll

Hero Arts


The Music Stand

Museum Selection

Scrapbooking Alley

The London Mint Office

Online Sports

ITV Online Shop


RU Craft

Traditional Irish Gifts

Swap At Home

Diecast Models Wholesale

Highly detailed automotive models

Stanley Gibbons
Stamp Collecting - World Catalogue of Stamps

Toledo Swords
Collectible Heirloom Armory

Other relevant associated pages at this site: History, Gifts, Museums & Art Galleries, Archaeology, and Art

Collecting is often regarded as a Hobby but it can go further than that! If you collect "everything", then you may be a Hoarder, which is good!

If anyone is interested in collecting some of the strange items available from Zyra's Bazaar, please let us know.

Yes, we are aware that the word for items which are the subject of being collected by collectors is sometimes written as COLLECTABLES or as COLLECTIBLES but according to a quality dictionary, either manner of spelling of the word is acceptable.