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Collectibles Today!

Collectibles Today

Our first advertiser for the new Collectables category! We are sure that there will be more, but will they all offer the same level of customer Service offered by Collectibles Today? Read their own text and then visit their site to see if they have the items you've been looking for!!Pretty Pendant!

"Collectibles Today - experience, Trust, and Fun since 1973.

Find answers to your questions about collectibles or your purchase in our comprehensive FAQ section. You'll also be able to get in touch with us, and check the status of your orders, payments or returns, whether ordered though collectiblestoday.com or one of our affiliated companies.Painted Pottery!

To our customers the name Collectibles Today can mean many things: For some it's a great shopping experience, finding all the collectibles they are passionate about - backed by the best guarantee in the business (365 days for collectibles, and 60 days for jewelry). For others it's the ability to get accurate information today about the artwork and artists they collect.

Peaceful Painting!Whatever the reason, this is your collecting home. Our mission is to delight our collectors by providing a home for your collecting passion.

And we are uniquely qualified to do so - Collectibles Today is the Web marketing arm of The Bradford Group, the leading International provider of limited-edition collectibles. Collectibles Today has a foundation of over three decades of experience andJesus Christ! trust in the collectibles market, while at the same time striving to move collecting into the future. Founded in 1973 by J. Roderick MacArthur, the Bradford Exchange paved the way for the present day collectibles market. Collectibles Today is continuing and expanding that unyielding commitment to product quality and exceptional customer service by offering collectibles from The Bradford Group Companies as well as many other fine companies".

Please note that the company name is Collectibles Today, rather than Collectables Today!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.collectiblestoday.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction. It now appear to be the Bradford Exchange.

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So in a way, this is all puzzling. However, you can find out more by going to the site itself here...


http://www.collectiblestoday.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction. It now appear to be the Bradford Exchange.