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Star Wars Shop

Star Wars ShopWe're delighted to have a Star Wars Shop page at Zyra's Website. Better still they ship internationally, so we suggest you visit the site with a credit card at the ready, as it's awesome!

Star Wars Shop:

Well have a guess at what they sell at the Star Wars Shop! Yes, you're exactly right they sell things to do with Star Wars. Infact, pretty much everything to do with Star Wars actually!!

If you're looking for Star Wars Merchandise, then look no further than the Star Wars Shop. We doubt you'll find a better selection of Star Wars memorabilia anywhere else on the net.

From collectibles to clothing or masks to video games there's something for everyone. Having browsed the site ourselves, we can honestly say that the prices are not extortionate, infact many items are incredibly cheap.

The site is very easy to navigate, with an excellent and incredibly detailed Frequently Asked Questions section. If you're after a real bargain there's even a sale category!

It is worth mentioning again that they ship internationally, however there are exceptions to this rule. We suggest you visit their "approved ship to country list" to see if they deliver to your country.

The Star Wars Shop is a part of Lucas Online.

Important Note: If you are unable to view the banner on the right it displays various images and the following text ... "Buy the exclusive Hasbro Covert Ops Clone Trooper ... the Bounty Hunter Figure 7-Pack ... or the U.S. exclusive remote control R2-D2 from Tomy ... all at StarWarsShop.com ... Click Here!"

Update 2009: Star Wars Shop is now the place to get the Darth Vader Toaster, the domestic kitchen appliance with the subtext "discover the dark side of toast".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


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