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Star Wars - For Star Wars stuff see the Star Wars Shop

Star Trek - page where no Trekkies have gone (before)

When Worlds Collide - some links to reviews

The Door Into Summer - concept, but also mentions the book, and some links to bookshops

PULP SF - site in construction - http://www.pulpsf.com - domain lost

SciFi.com - general Sci Fi site

Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive - was http://www2.lysator.liu.se/sf_archive/sf_main.html

Maths for Sci-Fi Authors


Write your own book: Immediate Fiction

Add A LOT MORE stuff to this! It's a page with a future to it!

This page might still be a bit disappointing, but it'll continue to improve. The future is optimistic! Meanwhile, did you know that on Waterstone's and Amazon you can search by category/author/title/genre? Take a look via the page of Bookshops