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Select here for AmazonAMAZON is an online book store. You can order books through the Internet at Amazon's website which has thousands of books of all kinds available, giving you plenty of choice! You can get Amazon to search for any book you'd care to name, either by title or by author. It might be in stock. The Amazon website is quite clever and makes helpful suggestions about books you might be interested in.In Association with Amazon.co.uk You can also have a personal Amazon Wish List if you like, to put in advance requests for books which might become available.

Amazon have variants of the website for different localities, which probably helps with the delivery arrangements. So, if you'd like to pay in GB Pounds, there's Amazon.co.uk and if you'd like to pay in US Dollars there's Amazon.com , but you can buy form either and sort out the shipping. They're very helpful at Amazon.Click here to link to Amazon.com

Amazon was one of the first Internet based companies to apply the bright idea of giving commission to people putting the good word in for them. (affiliates). If you'd like to help Amazon to sell books, visit Amazon's website and look up "Associate Program".

The Amazon Book Shop makes good sense from a business perspective because it's run mostly in the virtual world and saves on expenses associated with maintaining shop buildings.In Association with Amazon.co.uk

Another thing about Amazon is that you can write reviews about the books and post them onlineClickable item by Amazon to help other people to decide if a particular book would be right for them. Imagine if a physical world book store allowed this: You'd be able to have little notes pinned on the shelves by folk telling you what they thought of the books.

Since Amazon began many years ago the range of stuff on sale has expanded, so now as well as books, music CDs, magazines,In Association with Amazon.co.uk video DVDs,Amazon and computer games, there are now other things such as cellphones, musical instruments, clothes, electronics, shoes, office equipment, toys, sports equipment, furniture, pet supplies, hardware, cosmetics, jewellery, gourmet food, cameras, watches, automotive items, and there's even "The Imaginarium" - sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link here to go to Amazon.com USA

Link here to go to Amazon.co.UK

The associate program of Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com is one of the longest standing independent affiliate programs on the Internet, and Amazon used to have a special arrangement with Toys R Us

In 2009, Amazon USA was accused of being prejudiced against gay people and guilty of censorship as books by gay authors mysteriously disappeared from the bestsellers list. However, this was described as a Glitch and can be explained by mistakes in categorisation. So, Is Amazon really against Gay people?

Although Amazon isn't unfair to gay people, Amazon has been forced to discriminate against affiliates in New York because of the poor form of the legislature in New York!

Amazon Kindle Books are much-vaunted, but they really SHOULD be open-source, otherwise you are paying for something of limited use. (Unlike Gutenberg which works on everything!). See http://www.zdnet.com/blog/open-source/time-for-kindle-to-go-open-source/3454

In late 2010, when Wikileaks was being persecuted by the (secret) government of the USA, Amazon was forced to kick Wikileaks off its servers. Let's try not to blame Amazon for that, as they are living inside the United States and are also victims to the tyranny there. The situation is similar to things that happened in Burma where a famous political prisoner was locked up for a while and eventually set free. Such persecution always looks bad for the authoritarian perpetrators, not the victims.

The Amazon Associate Program is famous for being one of the Internet's first affiliate programs! It was revolutionary at the time that folks could sign up and get links to put on their websites to promote Amazon, either generally or more specifically, and then hopefully they'd make a lot of money, typically 5% commission based on the total sales of books they'd attracted. Sadly, though, the Amazon Affiliate Program has fallen from grace in the eyes of some affiliates I happen to know, and here's why: See Amazon Affiliate/Associate Problems

If you receive an e-mail asking you to Verify Your Identity with Amazon, it's most likely a hoax! See Amazon Hoax Message - not from Amazon!

The Amazon Kindle is real enough, and is a gadget that's being heavily promoted by Amazon (2011). Ooh good! Amazon is doing better now.