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Book-reading gadget by Amazon

Amazon Kindle and BooksBooks have always been a good idea, being remarkably good value in reading material which can be carried about, and stored for a very long time. Books are made of tree-stuff, but at least the carbon has been sequested, and once it's been turned into books, it would be a sin to turn it back into CO2. However, modern times being what they are, there is a move towards having books available in a form which is even easier to carry around.

The Amazon Kindle is a book reading gadget which has a battery life of two months, so, unlike a laptop, it's not going to go flat if you fall asleep reading it. Also, Amazon have had the good sense to allow open formats to work, which means that as well as being able to buy the latest books via Amazon, you can also get a great many classics of literary history from such free downloads sites as Gutenberg. The Amazon Kindle will display e-books and .txt which is a truly open format. This works, and is a complete contrast to Sony who have made the usual proprietary software mistake.

If you'd like to get yourself an Amazon Kindle, here are some useful links...

Amazon USA and Amazon UK

Amazon Kindle is well recommended by a notable Sleaford Driving Instructor

The picture, showing an Amazon Kindle in comparison to the physical size of books, with some tempting fruit also included, was found at Amazon's website, so I'd guess it's copyright Amazon. If Amazon would like it removing from this affiliate website, they should let us know and it will be removed.

I won't be buying an Amazon Kindle myself just yet, because I don't like the fact that Amazon can delete content on anyone's Kindle remotely (and they have done this before as per George Orwell's 1984). Also, I believe that if you buy a book, you own a copy, not a temporary revocable licence. If You Buy It You Own It

Amazon's TV ad where the Amazon Kindle is compared with the alternative of the Giant Handbag is interesting. Admittedly, Amazon have a good point that the Amazon Kindle has more capacity, but I prefer the Giant Handbag as it has the advantage that it's more secure from people remotely stealing your books.

Sadly, Amazon haven't yet grasped the importance of the freedoms which we expect from books. For this reason, Defective by Design have described the Kindle as the "Kindle Swindle" and they have a quote by Richard Stallman: "This malicious device designed to attack the traditional freedoms of readers: There's the freedom to acquire a book anonymously, paying cash — impossible with the Kindle for all well-known recent books. There's the freedom to give, lend, or sell a book to anyone you wish — blocked by DRM and unjust licenses. Then there's the freedom to keep a book — denied by a back door for remote deletion of books." — Richard Stallman, president of the Free Software Foundation.

I wonder if anyone has considered the possibilities of hacking the Amazon Kindle. This would make it much better, as it would be possible to take control of it and tame it, so that you can secure the contents from misbehaving corporations, and make the machine your own! Well, it happened with the Cue Cat

I urge Amazon to resolve these problems, not just because of the embarrassment, but because of the important matter of Freedom.