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Toys R Us
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Toys R Us - the world's No.1 toy store and Alex's favourite shop! The home of Geoffrey the giraffe. One of our team worked there for a number of years and the choice they offer is astounding!!Sporty Toys R Us banner!

Here is a brief company history in their own words, it is quite remarkable:

"In 1948, at the young age of 25, Charles Lazarus began a business totally dedicated to kids and their needs just in time for the post-war baby boom era.Personalised toys Toys R Us banner! He had no idea that his first baby furniture store in Washington D.C., would evolve into an $11 billion dollar business with approximately 1,500 stores worldwide!

How did Charles accomplish this incredible feat? By listening to his customers, of course. "I need a toy for my baby" was something he heard from guests over and over again when his store only carried baby furniture. So he began to sell baby toys and then when guests asked for toys for older kids, he began to sell these as well. Everything his guests wanted, Charles tried to give them, until Toys"R"Us became a full-scale toy store extravaganza!CAMP Geoffrey Logo!

In 1957, Charles opened the first toy supermarket. Speciality retailing and off-price positioning were revolutionary concepts in those pre-mall, pre-discount days.

Toys"R"Us became a public company in 1978. Today, Toys"R"Us, Inc. operates six divisions: Toys"R"Us U.S., Toys"R"Us International, Kids R Us, Babies"R"Us, Imaginarium and Toysrus.com".

Geoffrey the PARTY ANIMAL!Fantastic choices for young or old and very competitive prices. Future collectables? Who knows, Toys R Us seem to have it all. Don't struggle to pin down a member of staff in-store, do your shopping online!!

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Superstar Toys R Us corporate logo!Superstar Toys R Us corporate logo!

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http://www.toysrus.com affiliate program is with Affiliate Window. Welcome back! We're pleased to promote the REAL Toys R Us program, not to be confused with Amazon.com who thought they could rival Toys R Us with their own selection of toys. When Amazon redirected the Toys R Us links to their own toy section it was regarded here as very naughty!!

Well Done to Toys R Us for having a new affiliate program with Affiliate Window and also well done to Toys R Us for avoiding PPC nonsense ! (PPC is the new SPAM)