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Giraffes at London Zoo


OK, I admit it. I have spraybrushed the picture. The fact is, Giraffes are very inquisitive creatures, and they have long necks. If it weren't for the security bars in London Zoo, visitors would find their hats were being eaten by the giraffes, and then what? Another ridiculous no-win no fee claim? A giraffe ate my homework. A giraffe ate my hat? Well, no. You have to take responsibility for your own actions, and if you feed a packet of biscuits to the giraffes you can expect their long tongues to lick you.

As this is a photo through the bars of the Giraffe House at London Zoo, I have spraypainted the picture so you can get a better look at the giraffes. If you'd like a closer view, in 3D, I hope you will book a visit to London Zoo, where you can see the giraffes in a habitat which is as reasonably humane as possible considering that giraffes like to run around on the open savanna, and there's a shortage of that in Central London, considering the property price of office space, etc.

Still, the giraffes seem mostly happy with their conditions, and they live in heated rooms with high ceilings, and they don't have to fear big cats and other wild game that stalks their wild habitat. They can walk around outside, for what it's worth, in the summer months of the UK.

Did you know, giraffes have the same number of bones in their necks as humans have? This astonishing fact is evidence of evolution, not creation.

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