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When Worlds Collide

"When Worlds Collide" is an apocalyptic 1950s science fiction movie in which the Earth is in danger of colliding with another item in space. But rather than just giving up, people endeavour to engineer a method by which at least a few people can ESCAPE, and move to a New World.

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Also, you can see about buying the film on VIDEO/DVD. Link to Amazon here! (which also has more reviews of the film!)Link to WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE at Amazon

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Apocalypse? How likely is it that items in space will collide with the earth? Find out here

Another note: In the film, the new world is called Zyra and the collider is called Bellus, but in the book which the film is based on, these are known as Bronson Beta and Bronson Alpha.

Also, spacecraft of a type that looks similar to that used by the escapers in the film When Worlds Collide can be seen by searching for key phrases such as "Silver Bird" or "Sanger Antipodal Bomber", for example on Google

Update 2011/10: It appears that there's going to be a remake of When Worlds Collide, to be released in 2012. That could be interesting.