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Who is called "Zyra"? Well, there's me. I'm an interesting character, and my website is, AND, there's a few others, so, in the good-natured spirit of Oasis Software and the original owners of, here's the list:

Zyra - interesting character, open-minded philosophy, activation, Real Reality, etc. Also see character review. Also see Zyra Electric, Zyra's Bazaar, etc. And also see Why Zyra?

Zyra - planet in the science fiction film "When Worlds Collide"

Zyra - another name of Rebekah Hallford, a character sadly deceased. We are in touch with the kind people who maintain her memorial on the Internet. - was

Zyra Mae Familar - Interesting character, who we are in contact with.

Judge Gary Zyra - distinguished figure in the judiciary of the United States. - was

Zyra McAuliffe - Electrician in The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, and in several other notable films.

Zyra Research of Taiwan - Zero Energy Technology - specialists in the pollution abatement business

Paul Zyra (was - sports reporter. E-mail address provided.

Zyra Beevers
in New Mexico, USA. We are in touch!


- some sort of cartoon character, apparently invented in 2012. League of Legends. Rise of the Thorns.

Zyra Wedding Shop
Dressing for the Big Day - a wedding dress company in Winsford, Cheshire, UK 01606 868009

Zyra (was - An Elfwood character depicted by Coyote / Kristi Coret (was - Zyra - Band, at in Switzerland.

Zyrah's Orange - Band based in Boston, USA

Wayne Zyra (was - Wayne Zyra was appointed to the position of Monroe County Legislature on January 3, 2000 and was successfully re-elected in the Novembers of 2000 and 2001. In January of 2004, Wayne was selected by his colleagues to serve as the President of the County Legislature.

Zyra Collection - shawls - a fashion outlet - was - please note that this is nothing to do with us!

Zyra Software - California based software company specialising in build/release projects. - was

Zyra Mae Javier - A character. A friendly link will be available when the location of her site / character-review can be found.

Zyra - Kabalarians character divination by name. You decide for yourself how accurate you think this is. - was

Syrah - Californian wine. I'm sure eVineyard has many lines of this in stock.

Zyra - A dog, picture seen in the American Tibetan Mastiff Association

zyra - a word in the Albanian language, appearing such terms as "Zyra e Unesco" in diplomatic articles about Kosovo, etc. For example: . The word "zyra" also appears on some Albanian postmarks. It is a variant on the root word zyrë which means "office", the -a form being the definite article form, hence "THE OFFICE". - The previous incarnation of this domain was a project by James Waite who now runs The history also involves at some point the Digital Partners / . We are on good terms with all concerned and may some day learn more about the history of the project. The current incarnation of is part of the co-connections of

I've been ZYRA since about 1984, and prior to that had been looking for a good Unique Identifier, a stage name which was of some impact and had an adventurer type of ring to it. More about Why Zyra ? here.

Other points of note:

The name "ZYRA" tends to appear at the end of alphabetical lists, or almost at the end. If it was in the Oxford English Dictionary (the huge multi-volume set with all the words of the English language in) (which I hasten to add it is not), then it would be the last word, leaving only two sub-definitions after it, Zyxt being one of them, old Kentish, perhaps.

If YOU are called "ZYRA" too, then although I'm a bit upset at not being unique, I'd better know. Plus, in the open-minded spirit of the people who are Oasis Software,, etc, I may put a link in here.

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