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Where life doesn't live up to expectations, CHANGE IT! The world of "normality" really has no credibility, so don't tolerate it! Watch this space for further news on the creation of Real Reality.

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Aspects of the manifesto:

FREEDOM - The rights of every individual to be free to do as they wish, (expect where that conflicts with someone else's right to freedom).

PROGRESS - There being an ever-ongoing advancement in technology and culture, exploration, art, construction, (and other aspects).

REASONABLENESS - Multi-tracking floating-level philosophical reasoning system where conceptuality makes good sense from multiple viewpoints (as distinct from confrontational systems).

AUTONOMY - The INDIVIDUAL being the fundamental unit of Real Reality.

PERSONAL FULFILMENT - Potential being realised.

But isn't this CRAZY? It's not really possible to change the world, is it ? >

What sort of philosophical technology is in use here? Industrial... >

What is the character on about with this thing called Real Reality ? >

This is all very well, but I want to Buy the CD ! >

I've seen enough of this and I want to go back to the Site Index. >

Wouldn't it be better if the philosophy told me how to Get Rich ? >

That is a WEIRD-LOOKING character. Weird. >

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