Zyra - another weird picture


That is a WEIRD-LOOKING character!

You don't need to justify being WEIRD, but you'd have to justify looking ORDINARY. Why would you want to look "Normal"? Some kind of safety-in-numbers idea of a herding instinct? Or maybe the logic hasn't been even thought about, and is just a DEFAULT!

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and Weirdness

Update 2006: Zyra's website is now being accepted by big companies in business as the proof of success is in the money. Being a weirdo is good for business! While people trying to be normal all end up having to share small slices of the pie, the non-conformity personality gets to have an entirely new uncharted region to explore. Customers like it, and now companies like it too. See Shopping Portal and Photos of Zyra to see the juxtaposition of success with personal diversity