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Some Quotations by Zyra

Zyra is an interesting character and sometimes says things which people regard as quotations. If Zyra were famous, these things would be regarded as "famous quotes". Regardless of fame or otherwise, these are quotations, turns of phrase, etc which have some quintessence to them.

"I've got a page about that" - an expression used by Zyra quite a lot!

"It's my funeral and I'll CRYO is I want to!" - see cryonics and personal freedom - a variant on the song title "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to".

"An affiliate is not just for christmas" - see Good practices in affiliate marketing , Ariel washpowder , Plumbs interiors , in the Lurch , Invited to have an Affiliate Program , and the notes on the bunged up page. The phrase is of course based on "a dog is not just for christmas" which was a motto of the charity www.dogstrust.org.uk !

"Win at Life" - mentioned as part of the philosophy of playing chess against life, taking life by the scruff and making a success of yourself. Part of the individualistic antireligious philosophy Direct Drive

"Things are easy... unless of course they are difficult" - meaning that most things can be accomplished without undue fuss. However there are exceptions.

"They were probably bumped off" - Typically when referring to someone's death, as a comment that the cause of their untimely and/or suspicious death was because they may have been murdered/assassinated by The Establishment. Most interesting people who die are said by Zyra to have been "bumped off", as it is believed that governments and corporations are in the habit of having people killed. Most things are regarded as "suspicious" and some things are regarded as being "even more suspicious than the usual background level of suspiciousness which everything generally has".

"I'm sure most people don't have anything like this amount of trouble when they are trying to repair the big-ends on their truck engine" - the phrase sometimes reported as "I'm sure most people don't have anything like this amount of trouble when they are trying to straighten their truck engine push-rods to within 15 thou' of precision by tapping them with a hammer on the concrete" or similar. The task highlighted is usually something normally regarded as either very difficult or impossible, and the part of it referring to "most people doing [whatever]" assumes implicitly that most people would even attempt such a thing.

"I can eat a whole chicken" - this is to do with being able to eat a huge meal, but the problem is longer term and has things to do with diabetes and coeliac disease. Problems of losing weight and wasting away.

"...No, I am not OVER-EXPOSED! I can get a lot more publicity than this!" - a general philosophical comment, but also mentioned on the picture Gleam

"It's anyone's prerogative to miss out" - this is the response to merchants that decline the site on their affiliate program. Because, for sure, it is they that will miss out!

There are a few other things, but these are just turns of phrase rather than quotations.

For example, a few typical Zyra'isms are are follows:

"reet chuffed" - very pleased.

"browsotron" - your computer browser and other things, including the apparatus inside your head, for examining things on the Internet.

"that spendthrift Scrooge" - references to Ebenezer Scrooge the extreme miser in Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Referring to Scrooge as a spendthrift suggests ultra-extreme carefulness with money.

"done properly" - The important idea that things need to be "done properly", ie designed, created, arranged, with quality of consideration.

"factory pre-broken" - the idea that some items are badly made or badly designed, to the point of being deliberately damaged at the point of construction. For example "This computer has an operating system which is factory pre-broken. Can you please get me one that's got a REAL operating system. The term "Real" used in this way has a variety of ideas associated, including notions of Real Reality. The phrase "factory pre-broken" is from Zyra's amusing write-up "Biscuits" which includes a variety of other rather odd concepts.

"public sandpaper" - an almost throw-away term which is remembered because it is very expressive. The term refers to a ubiquitous but understated abrasive. For example a car rotor arm (from inside the distributor) can be cleaned by using the public sandpaper. That is, the surface of the road.

"thrown to the archaeologists" - Items that are too good to throw away and not good enough to keep are sometimes thrown to the archaeologists. That is, dumped into the ground in such a way that in the distant future, archaeologists will dig them up and find them of considerable interest. The term also has a bizarre irony because archaeologists are considered in very high regard by Zyra, and yet the term "thrown it to the archaeologists" is similar to "thrown to the dogs".Zyra's unusual website

"twenty two and a half volts" - a reference to being able to remember things by means of a deliberate learning action. It was originally assumed that everyone does this. (The term is derived from early EPROMS which were computer memories that could remember but only when 22.5 volts was applied to the chip. They could read-back at normal 5 volts thereafter, indefinitely).

"bouk" or "boook" - spelt in either of those unorthodox styles, as distinct from "book". Pronounced as if someone with a Yorkshire accent were saying the word "book", ie with an elongated vowel. Whereas "book" refers to a book, "bouk" refers to a diary, journal, personal blog, typically an ongoing personal work of literature. See write a diary. Although such works would be private, they would occasionally contain star-quality sections would be worth performing at a party, ie "bouk performables".

If you'd like to see some more of these odd ideas, you may find it worth reading Looking on the Positive Side by Zyra, which was a live performance at the Atheist Church.

This page was created shortly after a defamatory misquote was discovered on a website which does not merit a link.