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Suspended Animation

Cryonics is freezing people so they may be brought back to life in the future. The future is hoped to be an amazing utopian futuristic existence where the sorts of things people died of these days (2012) can easily be cured. And, of course, the technology is assumed to be good enough to bring back to life people who have been frozen solid in liquid nitrogen for centuries! The idea is in principle not new, and has some similarities in principle to the Ancient Egyptian idea of storing a body by mummification in the hopes that the person will go on to an afterlife.

Sceptics say it's all a bit silly on the basis that it's impossible to restore someone who is dead. It had better be mentioned here that although Cryonics is optimistic immortalism, Cryogenics is a serious science to do with anything very cold, and there are some scientists in the serious business of supercool superconducting magnets who, if you ask them about deep-frozen dead people will look at you in the same sort of way as Patrick Moore would if you asked him to tell you your fortune by "the stars"!

My personal opinion (this review is by Zyra, by the way), is that cryonics IS possible, and that if you freeze a dead person properly and keep the body long enough then you will be able to have them brought back to life, although it may be in the Distant Future! The basis for this belief is:

The other thing is that assuming we discount various religious notions, the chance of being re-animated by cryonics is a good deal better than if the body has been incinerated or buried in the ground.

OK, I am interested in being frozen and having a chance of coming back to life in the future! I am rich enough to afford it, and also I'm not well. In fact, I don't even need to wait until I am dead to be frozen!

The problem was originally that I lived in the UK. The UK has a poor record on human rights and personal liberties, and on anything to do with dead bodies has all sorts of daft legal rules which are of the Dickensian age! Therefore, for this reason as well as tax, I have emigrated to Panama which is a Tax Haven and has a better set of policies on Personal Freedom!

I know that the pages of this website are being seen all around the world, so, if you know of various countries which respect the rights of a person to do as they will with their own body, please let me know! Or have I got it wrong about the UK? If you know what the legal position is about cryonic suspension, please let me know. Update 2012: No comments about the UK position on Cryonics have come in, so it's not looking so good for the UK.

Things relating to CRYONICS: Liquid Nitrogen, Nanotechnology, etc.

Also, although Cryonics is about avoiding long-term being dead, one of the important things to do is to Write your Will! By writing a Will really well, you have a chance of influencing the future for the better.

Also, an interesting notion about Resurrection from the Dead has been added here following personal experiences of Data Recovery after the sudden death of a hard disc drive. Also see How I got my data back. Further notes on Resurrection can be looked into here.

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Well done to New Scientist who gave away a very forward-looking prize of the option of having yourself frozen!

In the UK, Golden Charter may be worth getting in touch with about putting into place your personal wishes for an advanced plan. You can mention ZYRA put the good word in.

A while ago, when people first started having themselves frozen, some people were sceptical about it and said it would never be possible to restore the brain to life. Well, it's now (2010) possible to bring MICE back to life after being frozen for a while in liquid nitrogen. Mice are mammals have a similar brain structure and neurons that connect up. Of course the sceptics immediately move to a new tack, saying that although it will be possible to bring mice back to life, there's something special about the human being bigger. // Update on this: Baby mice. We're not sure about the freezing and recovery of fully-grown mice that have learnt to run around a maze. The people at the Mouse Repository have still not replied to my email!

Now what's all this about Cryonics people in France being thawed out and burnt or buried to rot in the conventionally-accepted traditional religion-conforming manner?! I would have thought France was a place where "La Libertie" was believed in?! French Cryonics Human Rights Scandal

Paying for cryonics can be in cash, or you can sometimes get life insurance to cover it. In the UK, Golden Charter may be worth discussing.

Countries which have been recommended so having a regime compatible with the individual having the right to live AND DIE with some freedom include...

* USA (in some states), some Liberty found, although we're a bit unsure about the political stability of the Federal country in the long-term future because of mismanagement of foreign policy! However, even if the USA fell there would still be people around, and possibly a set of independent states with new allegiances. Some cryonics companies have got good long-term plans.

* Philippines. I have heard that you can generally do as you please provided you don't hurt anyone else. We've got to verify this, and also there's the tax status to be checked on. Beware, though, as there is a lot of corruption.

* Peru. The libertarian status of the country is hinted at by the level of deregulation of the taxi approval in Lima. Plus an adventurer stated the place was "Like Scotland but warmer".

* Liechtenstein. Well-spoken-of by tax haven accountants, but the details have to be found. In fact, the whole issue of the glorious Tax Havens is a key to the freedom to do other things such as living your own life according to your own wishes, and being allowed to do what you want with your body after you die! Freedom! Hence, It's My Funeral and I'll Cryo if I want to!

* Switzerland. Cryonics likely to be allowed, on the basis that Dignitas (where people have freedom of choice about their death) is there. However, there's no confirmation on the practicality yet.

* Panama. I'm talking to my lawyer about the matter.

One of the important things with Cryonics, is the importance of avoiding an autopsy. An autopsy allows the body to go bad, in addition to causing other damage. This is best avoided. My comment on this is "It's against my beliefs". Note: Some places respect people's beliefs, and some don't. Incidentally, autopsies are seldom about determining the cause of death, and are more usually a bizarre ritual carried out for bureaucratic purposes, much to the detriment of the person as well as the public expenditure budget.

Additions to the list of places, good or bad, are welcomed to be added!

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