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Now following on from my practical introduction to Resurrection in the fact that even in the late zero-zeros decade and the early teens decade, DATA previously considered deceased on a dead hard disc drive could be resurrected. (Data Resurrection). Now we move on to the resurrection of the person. A practical, scientific, technological approach is taken here, in contrast to religions which aren't so good at getting your disc drive data back, and so probably aren't so good at resurrecting a person when they have died. I've no reason to suppose otherwise, and they have failed to produce world peace and harmony. It's very little consolation that they can scrawl holy graffiti inside a tomato, and hence the selective baddening of bananas! Meanwhile, on practical scientific matters, the cure for death, is a possibility like the cure for various illnesses. It's a serious matter, like getting rid of the problem of TAX, the problem of Death is also likely to be resolvable.

A good start is Cryonics. That is, when a person dies, instead of putting the body in the dustbin or burying it in the ground or burning it, the body is frozen right away, and stored in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius. The problem is that because humans are made of meat, rather than titanium and silicon, etc, the dead body has an unfortunate tendency to go bad, and that upsets people as well as making it hard to have any hope of resurrection. In contrast, being frozen in liquid nitrogen stops the rot, and allows the meat to stay fresh for centuries if necessary. If frozen quickly enough, ie just after death, there's a hope that sooner or later technology will catch up and it will be possible to be resurrected.

Current scientific evidence suggests that the human personality is a manifestation of things to do with the brain. So, the idea is to freeze the brain as soon as possible and then to store it.

Resurrection, coming back to life, represents a bigger challenge, and it seems a tall order to re-energise the meat. However, there may be a better solution. I propose being resurrected as a cyborg. The idea is to replace the meat with cybernetic synthetic hardware. Although it's a challenge to create a perfect synthetic analogue of the original (meat) human brain, it has the advantage that the cyborg can live on indefinitely, provided good workshop maintenance is performed.

Different people have different tastes in resurrection, and I am sure there are many people into Cryonics who would like to come back to life as long-lived gerontology humans. However, I'd prefer to become a cyborg. To draw an analogy, I'm currently (2010) emigrating from the UK as a tax exile, and when people ask me I'll say "I used to be British". The hope is, if I can be resurrected in the future as a cyborg, I'll say "I used to be Human". Update 2012: I have succeeded in emigrating to Panama. Some culture-shock, but not as much as on my Second Emigration when I intend to emigrate to the future!

I also have a preference for being resurrected as actual synthetic hardware, of the type that can add to itself, learn new things, add new hardware, etc. This is in contrast to notions of "software simulations", and is not a "read only" notion. Surely new technology, advancing by Moore's Law, can get to the level where the successors of the Field Programmable Gate Array can have associative hardware which is like the human brain, only made of durable stuff! This may also require bringing back Analogue Computers, but in VLSI. How about that?!

At the time of writing, there seems to be very little research in terms of resurrecting beings of any sort. So, I think it's time to put out some suggestions. Usually, with research into things to do with the human, there are experiments done on simpler creatures. It's a bit difficult to get a complete circuit diagram of a human brain, but there are simpler creatures for which this type of process is practicable. C-Elegans is a simple beastie, a nematode worm, and instead of having a hundred thousand million components like the human brain, the C-Elegans has only 302 components, neurons. That CAN have a circuit diagram drawn and plotted. In fact, it's been done.

Now, I'm not talking about SIMULATING a C-Elegans. I'm talking about creating a synthetic C-Elegans in hardware, a cyborg version of the C-Elegans. Surely someone would like to take the adventurous step of doing this as their PhD thesis?! It would be a breakthrough in science, a cybernetic organism, even if it started off being a worm. The resulting cyborg E-elegans would be a prototype and would work in a different time-base to the original organic version. However, it could still live, and would live indefinitely.

The next step in research into cybernetics might be to create a cyborg version of the Drysophila Melanogaster, that favourite of biologists, the fruit fly. It's got 105,000 neurons, but I'm sure synthetic hardware in the next however-many years could cope with that. The result would be a cyborg fruit fly, Yum Yum! Virtual Fruit!and it might be a few orders of magnitude larger physically than the tiny fly. However, it could live in a virtual world where there's plenty of virtual fruit!

Like the story of the gigabyte, technology moves on, and sooner or later, the cyborg fruit-fly will be a practicality. Another fruitful PhD to be had for some enterprising graduate! And then, later still, it will be possible to bring people back to life even though they've been frozen in liquid nitrogen for decades.

Cyborg resurrection costs money, but I am hopeful in being able to pay for my own resurrection, either/both by the continuing success of my own company (companies live on after the person who started the company has died), and/or by the good things I can do which will be helpful to the future world in which I am resurrected. More details about this in good time!

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This is a bit of a stretch from the idea of Resurrection Online which is an alternative fashion label.