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Invisible Pink UnicornI think mainstream religion gets far too much publicity, and besides being a behaviour-control system used by the state, and the cause of most wars, and anti-competitive, it's also mostly wrong, and most notably disempowering upon the individual. Therefore, to balance things up a bit, here are some Alternative links to do with belief...




Norse Mythology - was http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~cherryne/mythology.html

Pyretta's Lair

God-U-Like - was www.godulike.co.uk

AzureGreen Metaphysical Witchcraft and Occult Store

The Pagan Fishgod Priests - was http://www.paganfish.com

another ex-muslim perspective

Bulfinch's Mythology (was www.bulfinch.org)

Ashliman's Folklore & Mythology Reference


Unitarian Universalist Association

Church of Reality

Encyclopedia Mythica - was http://www.pantheon.org/mythica.html


Earth-Dancing - was http://www.earth-dancing.com/ - domain lost!

Jedi - discriminated against by Government Census they are?

Greek Mythology at Princeton (was http://www.princeton.edu/~rhwebb/myth.html)

Native American Culture


Aboriginal Beliefs (was http://www.fcps.k12.va.us/DeerParkES/Dreamweaver/Australia/aborigines/beliefs.html)

Bane of Monotheism - Belief in a single all-powerful GOD


The Sadducee Printouts - was http://www.root-1.co.il
Unorthodox Jewish beliefs of Dov Ivry

Northvegr - The Icelandic Sagas

Atheists.org - returned!

Positive Atheism

Pagan Federation - was www.paganfed.org

With reference to
Data Recovery and Cryonics

Pagan Portal (was www.paganportal.com)

Universal Life Church

Eldritchs - was http://www.eldritchs.com/ - (previously PagansWay)

GloupGloup - Belgian Anarchist group of custard pie terrorists, intent on entartement of The Pope

Pagan Profiles - was http://www.paganprofiles.com/

Buddha Net

Islam Watch - Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Cathars - still around despite the efforts of the Catholic Inquisition. - was www.cathar.net

Christmas - Xmas - festival of fun in the middle of winter.

Comparison of Religions - different belief systems, compared

The BBC's take on Humanism - was http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/atheism/types/humanism.shtml

Manichaeism - also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manichaeism - still around despite the efforts of the Christians, Zoroastrians, Islamists, and other fanatics to finish them off.

Faith Freedom.com (pro-Islamic) and Faith Freedom.org (anti-Islamic)

The Pope with Lizard


Ex-muslims: www.ex-muslim.org.uk , www.apostatesofislam.com , www.formermuslims.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=972 , http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Main_Page

Evil fundamentalist religious cult exposed by Cadfael / Pathfinder

Evil in the Bible

Veil of Night.org - http://www.veilofnight.org

Conservation of Indigenous Beliefs

UK Pagan Links - was http://www.ukpaganlinks.co.uk/

PAGANS - now the Pagan folk have an actual category page at this site!

Pantheon.org - Encyclopaedia Mythica - was http://www.pantheon.org

John Frum - an example of islanders fighting back against infestation of christianism, and instead upholding their local customs. Also see Conserve Indigenous Beliefs

Belief in Arrest of the Pope - crimes against humanity? UK protects religious extremists that are in-league with itself

Holy Nation of Odin

Some Ancient Greek / Roman deities still believed in to some extent: Neptune, Mercury, Mars

Schools of Buddhist Thought - was http://www.guidetoonlineschools.com/library/buddhist-studies

Polytheism.com - the link to http://www.polytheism.com was removed because the site had become merely a set of links to book searches. If you want that, you might as well go to Amazon

Normal Bob Smith - has some choice things to say about the Holy Ghost (which may upset some people)

If a tree falls in a forest and no-one hears it, does it make any sound?

Witchcraft - Magic!

Celtic Connection - Wicca, Paganism, Witchcraft

Previously, the Zoroastrian religion did not allow converts, but that's now been updated. So, if you want to become a Zoroastrian, you can (if you believe the teachings, that is).

Tibetan Buddhism - was http://www.tibet.net/Buddhism/


ExChristian NET

Pagan Afterlife

Roadside Memorials

Atheist Buses

Another Creation-Myth

The God Delusion

International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)

Revival of Norse Beliefs

Sun Myung Moon and Kim Jong Il - looks more reliable that the article on Wikipedia which looks dangerously brainwashed

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Itchy Fish - satire

Cult or Religion

Experimental Theology

Principia Discordia

www.christianburner.com - gone (domain lost). Presumably silenced by pro-establishmentist forces.




Predictions of the End of the World - various failed attempts in the 1990s

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I used to believe in a religion. It was a positive enlightened belief system and could work miracles, but unfortunately it failed to make me rich. So I put an ultimatum to it, giving it two weeks to sort this out and to start making me money. I gave it a fair chance and it failed. So I dumped my religion in favour of something that ACTUALLY WORKS. Direct Drive. Direct Drive works, but it's not everyone's cup'o'tea, and it's a bit extreme for some people. So be warned.

One of the key things to remember about belief is that it's very much a personal matter and no system has the right to be a monopoly. If you want to have a religion you should shop around and get something that's right for you, and not just accept faith in anyone's sales-talk. All Gods should be put to the test (if they say you shouldn't, then there's something a bit dodgy, isn't there?!). Plus, if you find your God isn't working for you and giving you a fulfilling life, happiness, lots of money, philosophical satisfaction, victory over your enemies, or whatever you require out of life personally, feel free to dismiss/fire/sack it and find something that works better for you.

Other points of note:

* Devout believers wishing to demonstrate the power of their Faith may have it proven (or disproven) by direct intervention testing at the Gambling Page

* Believers who assume everything is controlled by some centralised power such that people have no personal Free Will and so it's somehow ok to submit to divine will and to do various things because they have been commanded to, should Play Chess against each other. In this experimentation it soon becomes evident that decisions made in the mind are real and have consequences, and that personal Free Will defines the future, not fate. You have to think for yourself, not be told what to do. Personal responsibility has to be faced up to.

Incoming religious news: Julian Assange is possibly about to be martyred, but there is still time for pilgrims to queue up outside the Ecuador Embassy in London, as he may be able to heal the sick. He has walked across the Thames, and I'm not saying at present whether he used a bridge or not.