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Mars - god of war

The deity of Mars in the ancient Roman pantheon of gods illustrates the fact that although the Romans believed in their gods, they didn't sell-out to them in a fundamentalist way like some of the fanatics of modern-day monotheistic belief-sets.

Of course the key feature of WAR is obviously the importance of not being defeated and sold into slavery by your enemies, so it made perfect sense to make offerings to a hypothetical God of War (Mars), to win favour in battle.

Having better weapons and better military strategy would also help. These days it's also possible to win by allowing your enemy's arrogance to result in their tripping over themselves.

For the Ancient Romans, with their swords and shields, battle may have felt to be much more in the lap of the gods. Hence, the idea of the God of War, MARS.


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The symbol of the Mars, the god of war, and that of the planet, is the same as the male symbol with a circle and an arrow pointing north-east. The chocolate company has not chosen to adopt that symbol, although curiously it appears as a company symbol for Volvo Motors. Memorable, but not quite as iconic as the multiple use of a symbol involving Seddon-Atkinson trucks.

To find out more about WAR, it's worth a look around the Imperial War Museum