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Caution: Reading this review is not recommended if you're having your dinner, or if you are of a religious disposition.

Another Creation-Myth or theory of how Life started on Earth

In the beginning, the Earth was without life, having just been formed from chaos and just settling down. Picture the scene: Planet Earth, four thousand million years ago. A completely sterile world, but with interesting scenery. Sun shining upon barren rocks and deep still lakes. No life. But then on the scene appear a party of aliens on holiday. The essence of a good alien-holiday is to find a place nice and remote where there's no disturbances. They're sailing a small boat across a deep still lake, surrounded by breathtaking mountainous scenery on this completely barren planet, and having a good philosophical conversation about all sorts of amazing free-thinking ideas. They've brought their own lunch along, as of course there are no fish in the lake, or any other life on the new planet. But then, one of the aliens starts to feel a bit queasy, perhaps because of something that was not good in the food. The alien is feeling a bit sick and leans over the side of the boat, and spews up into the lake! Feeling a bit better for that, the conversation continues, and the aliens go on having fun on their holiday. Meanwhile, the SICK slowly sinks and disperses in the crystal clear mineral-rich waters on this until-now pristine world.

Four thousand million years later, the stuff that was in the sick has evolved into all of life on earth. Such is the nature of deep time.

It's an interesting theory, and in my opinion much better philosophically than any kind of notion that we were created by some pompous deity that has a serious personality problem and likes to punish people.

I can't claim credit for thinking up this particular theory myself. It was suggested to me by a good friend of mine as a party of us were sailing a small boat across a deep still lake on holiday some time ago.