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The Planet Earth

The planet Earth is a curious place because it has life forms on it some of which think it might be the only planet with life on it. This is a rather odd idea as there are more planets in the known universe than there are grains of sand on all of the beaches of all of the land on the earth.

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Other things about the Earth: It weighs 5.972 x 1024 Kg (see exponential notation), is about 40,000 kilometres in circumference, has a density (specific gravity) of about 5.5, and a gravity of 9.81 metres per second per second (representing a gravitational well of about 62½ megajoules per kilogramme in case you're wondering about escaping). The planet Earth travels along in space around its orbit around the star Sol (known locally as "The Sun") at about 18 miles per second. About seven tenths of the planet's surface is covered by water, a total volume of about 240 million cubic kilometres. The atmosphere is composed mainly of nitrogen and oxygen at a pressure of about a ton per square foot, which although non-toxic to some hardy life-forms, is so corrosive it can dissolve iron, magnesium, sodium, and a few other metals. Orbiting at a distance as close as 93 million miles from the star SOL, the planet is quite tricky to visit, and quite hard to spot at a distance.