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The World

If the page about "The Planet Earth" is like the Geographical Physical MAP of the world, then this page is more like the Geographical Physical map of the world, where you can see the countries rather than the mountains. The Earth was there to start with. Humanity has made The World.

A good insight into some of the achievements of humanity in creating the world can be seen at such places as the Science Museum (technological achievement) and the British Museum (history of the world).

It's possible to travel the world. This is more than a topological survey, but more of a travelling insight into the world's diverse cultures, the ways people live.

The Planet Earth - a few facts about the planet itself.

Places - near random vaguely geographical items included.

Commerce - in some ways a world invented by business.

Culture - emergent forms from life and thought.

Industry - yes, it's true; Humans have constructions on a scale much bigger than the humans themselves.

Internet - virtual world which is tangibly real in some ways.

Even more aspects of life, the world, reality, and the things that go on, are available for your perusal at the CATEGORIES and there are some that are connected from the top page of this site.

A person may be located in a particular place at a particular time, but this is subject to change. Countries of the world are in effect in free competition with each-other to attract people to them. The countries with regimes which are more libertarian are more likely to attract freedom-oriented people. Those countries with the least tax are more likely to attract the richest people. And so on. This fact is something which the rulers of countries should be starting to realise. If a country is run badly, people are likely to try to escape!

I'll tell you a bit more about THE WORLD when I've been around it... if I survive, that is!

If you'd like to travel around the world, there are some quite good travel companies here!