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The British Museum, London

Telephone +44 (0) 207 323 8000


Now the British Museum Store also has a dedicated page at this site!

(To see high-res picture of photo here (right) see British Museum Picture)

a few exhibits in the British Museum

The British Museum is an astounding building constructed using a daring conjunction of architectures of different periods of history, housing priceless exhibits which you can get a very close look at! Thousands of years of history, and cultures from all around the World, no longer distant in time and space, are right there for inspection in the here & now!


Great Court

Entry is SHAREWARE, so you have the option of making a voluntary donation if you like.

At the British Museum you can:

Great Court

The size and scale of the place is hard to appreciate from these photographs. Especially of note is the Great Court which is by Buro Happold. It's like a fancy double-glazed conservatory, but it's two acres.


British Museum StoreAlso have a look at the The British Museum Store where you can get an extraordinary range of paraphernalia pertaining to ancient history.

Great Court"The British Museum Company Limited was founded in 1973 by the Trustees of The British Museum to advance the educational aims of the Museum. The Company currently engages in a number of activities, including wholesale and retail, publishing, the production of replicas and other merchandise, and licensing".