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Witchcraft is Magic! This is definitely to be encouraged, as it enables the individual to have power rather than it all being controlled by the state or the church.

Good and Bad of witchcraft: As with science, it's power for good or evil depending on what you decide to do with it. It's up to you do choose well.

Having a cat, pointed hat, broomstick, cauldron for cooking stuff up, etc may help to give the right impression, but it's more about the state of mind.

Ethics of witchcraft: If you're going to zap someone with witchcraft, it has to be for a reason you feel so strongly about that it's worth doing.

Don't believe everything you read, whether it be about witchcraft, religion, or science. Find out for yourself and make your own mind up.

Sceptics may say there's no such thing as witchcraft, but then again, are they rich? Also, science accepts phenomena as real when they are shown to work. Experimentation continues into such things as astral travelling, telekinesis, etc.

It was said a long time ago that if you took a wand made of pure black ebony and rubbed it on the fur of a black cat at least seven times, a mysterious force would be generated that could levitate small objects and might even cause sparks. Sceptical folk who denied this and religious folk who said it was the work of the devil have both ended up looking silly and being proven wrong as it is now accepted by science to be real, although it's now known as "static electricity". Doesn't it make you wonder how many other "magical" things might later turn out to be real, proven by science, and accepted as the fact?!

Many religions don't like witchcraft. The religions most against it are those who are state sponsored or controlled by a centralised power whose vested interest is to maintain worldly power against individuals. In contrast the Pagan religion is pro-individualist, and is in favour of witchcraft.

Witches have been persecuted by the church of monotheistic religious fanatics for centuries, but despite such persecution, there are probably more witches now than there have been before. See, they can't keep a good idea down.

Witchcraft shops (places where you can buy witchcraft supplies for learning about the Arts from magic books, and for casting spells and generally causing odd things to happen)...

Pyretta's Lair


Magic Spells Store
Wicca, witches, witchcraft, magic, magick, spells and new age spiritualism and the occult. - was http://www.allmagicspells.com/ - sadly lost on Issue151 because of the Clickbank Problem

Autumn Moon - Pagan supplies - Incense, candles, gifts, spells, wicca, witchcraft, ritual items, divination, dowsing and books - was http://www.autumnmoon.net/ - which has apparently now been lost to cybersquatters!

Also see Gothic shops, Pagan places, etc.

A famous interesting place in Cornwall: Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft

WICCA, not to be confused with Wickes, although both involve your own personal handiwork rather than being dependent on assumption.

Another thing, if the Catholic Church can have a city state, the Vatican, how about the Wicca religion having a city state, the City of Strega, for example?! A Wicca Homeland! That would be good, a homeland for witches, with ambassadorial contacts around the world.

More witchcraft affiliate program links are required!

Plus: A special WELL DONE to JK Rowling for writing books that are encouraging witchcraft! The fact that a prejudiced politically-motivated warmongering regime biased their medal awarding, is an award in itself. I'm sure the books sell brilliantly well anyway, but encountering prejudice will help to vindicate the sale of the books even further. Try doing a search at some of the Book Shops and see what's available now!

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