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CHESS is not a game, it is a battle! CHESS - It is a good idea to be able to play Chess. If you don't know how to play chess, it's a good idea to learn. Regardless of your age, the ability to play chess is a recommended skill to have. You do not need to be a high-IQ intellectual genius to play chess, (but it helps). Chess is FUN, and however good or bad you are at chess you are likely to find some people and/or computers who are going to lose when playing you and some that are going to win when playing you. Playing chess stretches your mind and will make you more clever. So, PLAY CHESS!

Here are a few CHESS LINKS, which have been put here at random to start with. There's also a set of helpful hints and tips on HOW TO PLAY CHESS. What is required here is a HOW TO PLAY CHESS tutorial. Recommendations anyone?

Chess Sets UK

The Regency Chess Company

Puzzle Master

US Chess Federation

Internet Chess Club

London Chess Centre

The World of GNU WebChess

Free Chess Server - was www.freechess.org

Chess Circle - The Place for Chess

Let's Play Chess.com

Chess.net - Well Resolved!

Chess Cafe.com

Chess at Cornell

Kasparov Chess (was http://www.kasparov.com/)

Chess Variants

Steve Pribut's Chess Page - was http://www.drpribut.com/sports/chess.html

Chess Corner

For playing chess online, a site I can recommend is It's Your Turn.com

I have always played chess by just being intelligent, but it turns out there is another ability required which involves remembering all the moves. To that effect, here are a few advanced CHESS OPENING MOVES sites...

http://www.csm.astate.edu/~wpaulsen/chess/intro.htm (names of opening moves are covered well)

http://www.eudesign.com/chessops/ (good, but don't scroll the screen!)

http://www.chessopolis.com/openings.htm (loads of useful links)

Some more stuff can be added to this. It all helps.