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Mysterious writing appearing in fruit - Selective Baddening of Bananas

The miracle where various gods write their names inside/on fruit has become commonplace news as the deities concerned find it increasingly difficult to convince people that they still have any 'cred. But now the old MY NAME IN FRUIT trick is open to all, regardless of their supernatural standing. You too can cause writing to mysteriously appear on fruit, thanks to the technique of the Selective Baddening of Bananas!

These days, good and bad are not exclusively defined by what is written, but it's more that you write what you want and then folk make their own minds up about whether it's true.

The miraculous conjuring trick with the bananas is done as follows:

1. Take a fresh banana.

2. Gently write on the skin of the banana in secret using a blunt stylus of the type found with touch screens. A warm soldering iron may be used, but again, a gentle approach is required so the writing is invisible, it being in yellow on yellow.

3. Leave the fruit where it can be clearly seen by potential believers.

4. After a while, the banana will change so the pre-baddened part will be highlighted in vivid black on yellow, and then the writing is on the  (wall)  banana!

5. Those who have faith will believe it is a miracle that has come to pass, attributed to what they have already decided is the case. Rational explanations may be discounted as it is The Word that is on the fruit. It just appeared.

6. Do not slip up by blasphemously stating that human intervention caused the baddening of the banana skin. Bad things can often happen by the behaviour of nature even without humans causing it. Also, sometimes religious people get cross if you dare to state what's scientifically obvious if it doesn't fit with their chosen belief-system.


* Bananas can easily have mysterious symbols written on them as well as writings in various modern and archaic languages. This all adds extra meaning and prophetic impact to the miracle and helps to give a variety of different interpretations to the event.

* Baddening of bananas is only skin deep, and you can still eat a banana that has been so inscribed. Food is not wasted by writing on it.

* This is supposed to be fun. People may have a right to believe any old stuff they want to, but people should not be made to suffer and die because of other people's beliefs!

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Update: Writing on bananas is OK. Writing on babies is unacceptable, even if they've got Dermatographic Urticaria. See Writing on babies is wrong, whether you're human or a God, it's cruel and demeaning to cause unnecessary suffering to others of a vulnerable nature. Ali Yakubov is a victim of child-abuse, either by human or divine cause. Also see'anic_Verses , and the video in which an independent commentator observes "a stunning failure to apply even the basic principles of critical thinking" and notes that many of the people involved were "unable or unwilling to apply any kind of honest scrutiny".