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Kobe Beef
At Lucies Farm

Perfect Pizza
Order online for the home or office!

Domino's Pizza
You can order a pizza online!

Pizza Hut
Order your pizza online for collection or delivery!

Marks & Spencer

Donald Russell
Purveyors of fine foods!

Hungry House
Order your takeaway online!

The convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop. Fresh produce from all over the world.

Whittard of Chelsea

Fortnum and Mason

London Fine Foods Group

Finest Hampers

Wise Food


1-800 Bakery

Picnic Shop

Mrs Fields

The Fish Society

The Cheese Society

Eat It Now


The Chocolate Tasting Club


Bradfords Bakers


Pong Cheese
Also see their controversial article: Don't Send Flowers - send CHEESE instead!

Simply Picnic

Holland and Barrett
Health Food Shop - a good place for vitamins and supplements as well as healthy food

Invitation Book
Money off eating out coupons!

Just Eat

Pamper Cake
Cakes that you can't eat!

Atelier Des Chefs
London cookery lessons - not pie and mash or jellied eels!

Monginis Foods
Indian Delights!

Food Full Stop

Premier Meats

La Cense Beef

Dancing Deer

Fine Lobster

Simply Fair

Abel and Cole

Flaming Barbecues

Earthrise Foods

Love Your Larder

Omaha Steaks
The meat lovers paradise!

Eden 4 Hampers ()
Also see Eden 4 Flowers, plus, we are applying for other HAMPERS at awin etc soon!

Hotel Chocolat
Some would argue it's the best food of all!

Ardtaraig Fine Foods (af)

Martins Seafresh
Cornish lobsters, oysters, and different shellfish. "You can't get fresher fish unless you catch it yourself"

Merchant Gourmet (awin)
A well know brand in supermarkets, Merchant Gourmet delivers gourmet delicatessen food from all over the world, free shipping on orders over £20 (£30 for chilled goods). Merchant Gourmet sources the best quality food ingredients from around the world and delivers straight to your door! "From our award winning SunBlush® Tomatoes to the delicious Dulce de Leche caramel sauce – we endeavour to supply premium, every day ingredients for everyone who loves food as much as we do".

Keep It Sweet

Donald Russell (af)
"You’ve never tasted better" is the unique promise behind a range of grass-fed beef and gourmet foods from Donald Russell, Britain’s leading meat mail order company and Royal Warrant holder, based in Aberdeenshire.

Lillo's Italian Restaurant in Boston UK

Cuisine Courier
Cuisine Courier has been operating in Australia since 1986 as a residential and corporate restaurant delivery service. "Our mission is to provide a world class restaurant experience infrastructure that conveniently brings quality cuisine to your door whilst guaranteeing customer service excellence. * POINT * CLICK * EAT * - World Cuisine delivered to your door"

Traverse Bay Farms
Healthy fruit supplements (USA)

Right Ingredients (af)
Love fabulous food? GET cooking with the ultimate fun and foolproof way to create restaurant food-at home! It’s official!

Ethical Superstore

Lillo's Italian Restaurant For SaleFirst4Fruit (awin)

A Quarter Of...
The Old Fashioned online Sweetshop

Bag of Sweets
Worldwide shipping of Sweets

Belgian chocolates

Caledonian Connoisseur

Diet Chef

Deal Chicken

Green Bay Harvest

Leaping Salmon


Gourmet Nut

Eco Green Store

Highland Fayre

Dr Siegal's Cookie Diet

Hale Groves


The Larder Box

House Bites

Good Hemp Nutrition

Me and Goji


Diet Chef

Birt and Tang

Savannnah's Candy Kitchen

Funky Hampers

Go Bio!

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Moko Chocolates

Campaign To Protect Rural England

Hamper (aarc)
See Clearwater Hampers (Hamper.com) "We offer next working day delivery within the UK and also send hampers worldwide". Category: Gourmet Food, Wine & Spirits. ... and First4hampers the premier online retailer of gourmet food and wine baskets delivered next day to the UK and Ireland. Ideal for gifts with a free gift card included with every order. Even more HAMPERS at the page of Hampers

Natural Food Company (awin)

El Buen Gourmet
El objetivo de El Buen Gourmet es satisfacer a los amantes del buen comer, con una selecta gama de delicias artesanales de la variada y prestigiosa gastronomía española Gourmet y Delicatessen.

Cityfruits (awin)
Cityfruits specialises in delivering fresh fruit baskets, Hampers & flowers to any UK address, within 24 hours. With us, there is no if and buts. All orders received by 4.30PM, are guaranteed for delivery next working day.

Virginia Hayward

Very Asia

Green and Blacks - Chocolate!

Send Chocs - To Yourself!

Montezumas - Unusual chocolate!

Nisbets USA - Food service equipment

melt - Notting Hill Chocolate!

Lovehearts - Sweets for your sweetheart!

Party king Grills - Cook your food in the Great Outdoors

MyDish.co.uk - Treasured recipes resource (as seen on Dragons' Den!)

Click Here! Save Money - As Seen On Tv - Official Secret Restaurant Recipes Save Money by Making Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes at Home! The Best Selling Cookbook in CB History is #1 Because it Performs The Best! - was http://www.recipesecrets.net/home.html?hop=zyra1 - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Fine Food and Wine Online

Chocolate Now!

Chocolate Trading Company

Fudge Mail

Astor Chocolate

Touch Of Europe

Illy - the famous coffee


It's best if food produced from chickens (both from chickens and eggs) is produced without undue suffering. Chickens should be treated well, even if you're going to eat them.

Organic Sprouts in Capsules

Paleo Cookbooks
Complete Recipe Guide to Healthy Eating With These Recipes In Your Hands, You Can Achieve The Best Health Of Your Life, Be In The Best Shape Of Your Life And Experience More Energy Than Ever Before - was http://www.paleocookbooks.com/ - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Mr Mash - instant mash. Gluten Free!

Go Coffee

Rhea Egg - How best to cook a giant egg

Gu Puds
As well as making those delicious chocolate puddings, there's also the fact that at Gu Puds, they're a company where they listen to folks! Also, the reusable (not just recyclable) glass ramekins become part of your tableware collection!

Precious Provisions

Shock Coffee


Coffee For Less


Bento Box

YummyArts Cakes
YummyArts Cakes, Cookies and Candies Membership Get instant access to dozens and dozens of Cakes, cookies and Candies online training videos and community. Stories, Recipes, pictures and so much more. This membership site is a real winner. - was http://www.yummyarts.com/join/index5.php?hop=zyra1 - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Adnams Cellar and Kitchen

Food Supplements? GNC + Holland & Barrett


Pom Potato?

Compassion In World Farming

Canned Bread

Huge Cheese

Gluten Free Low Glycemic Cookbook
Gluten Free Low Glycemic Cookbook for Diabetics & Allergy Sufferers In demand by food sensitive people. This Cookbook is gluten-free, low-glycemic, allergy-aware with meat, vegetarian and vegan options throughout. There isn't another product like it on or offline! Yes, it's unique! - was http://glutenfreefun.com/gffcb.html?hop=zyra1 - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Haslet - in Lincolnshire

straight banana - in Panama

having a decent amount of fat on your meat

Restaurant Management Toolkit - was http://www.restaurantmanagementcenter.com/?hop=zyra1 - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Can you eat a whole Viennetta? If so, you could enter the Stamp Demon Viennetta Challenge?!

Cookery equipment? See Microwave Ovens (how they work), the Panasonic Bread Maker (where to get), and a non-too-serious review of the use of computers in cooking, plus thermal imaging of toast using fax paper, Best Before dates, Mayonnaises through the ages, and now the miracle of the Selective Baddening of Bananas. Plus, How to Restore Soft Biscuits to make them fresh and crisp again, How to mend a roof using Edam cheese skin and Kitchen Equipment and Cookware

Check the weight of food before you buy. Some supermarkets are cunningly skimping the value by selling a lower weight at the same price

also see Fast Food, Gluten-Free Food, Butchers, Kitchen, Chocolate, Crisps and Snacks, and Drinks, and TASTE - the food book club

Don't waste food! It's very bad so to do! If your organisation or company wastes food on an ongoing basis, it's time to do something about it and stop them being so silly!