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Fish & Chips is also Fast Food. Sometimes you see Fish and Chips described as "The Original Fast Food!". Good news on this is that it's now possible to get Gluten-Free Fish & Chips

Fast Food

Domino's Pizza

Pizza Hut
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Kentucky Fried Chicken - welcome back!


Perfect Pizza

House Bites

Burger King

Eat It Now

Just Eat

Southern Fried Chicken

Pizza Hut

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Fast food has the advantage that you haven't got to put the work in to prepare it, and instead you can just pay for the food and have it served up quickly. Although it has been speculated by heath experts that fast food is bad for your heath, it is my guess that it's not so much that the fast food that's bad for your health but the lifestyle which makes it the requirement.

Slow food is handled at a different category. Food