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Christmas hampers are something which suppliers specialise in. It's a clever idea in which you save up for Christmas by paying an amount per week towards the hamper and then it's delivered at the next festive season. Best to start saving up very early, such as at the time of the preceding Christmas. Another important thing to consider when putting money into a hamper savings scheme is: Make sure the company is reputable. Here are a few helpful HAMPER companies which are listed at this site:

Fortnum and Mason
Famous for Hampers and gourmet food since 1707. Distinctly upmarket, with goods available on the basis of quality, not price.

Whittard of Chelsea
The extensive product range - from its core of tea and coffee, now encompasses a full range of tea and coffee related products including a carefully selected range of confectionery, gift items and seasonal hampers.

Thorntons Chocolates
The range includes Thorntons famous chocolates, hampers, flowers, gifts - and a Wedding Service section.

Bradfords Bakers
Offer offer distinctive hampers which are unique and excellent value for money throughout the year.

Funky Hampers
Specialists in HAMPERS. Lots of gift ideas for all occasions, ranging from Gift Hampers for New Babies, Birthdays and Leaving Home to Old School Sweets, Chocolates, Champagne, Flowers and Balloons.

Virginia Hayward
Virginia Hayward is renowned for offering an extensive range of quality hampers and gifts, featuring the finest food and wines from around the world

Finest Hampers
Do they live up to their grand title?

Premier Meats
Not for Veggies!

Retro Sweet
Old style sweets in baskets!

Sparkling Direct
At the Champagne company Sparkling Direct there is a selection of over 250 Champagne gifts, from Single Bottle gifts right through to Case Deals and Hampers.

Smart Gift
Smart Gift Solutions offer great add-ons such as a ‘create your own hamper’ facility.

Caledonian Connoisseur
The finest food that Scotland has to offer.

Diverse Hampers
Luxury tower hampers.

Your Hamper
Hamper Baskets or Boxes.

Highland Fayre
More canny Scottish delights.

Box Happy
Sweets and gifts - is there more to life?

Tea World
Also have a large selection of Gift Baskets and Hampers packed full of tea and related accessories for all occasions for the tea lover in your life. You can also Build Your Own gift basket by selecting your teas.

Choose from a wide range of delicious Cadbury products including many not available in shops or supermarkets. Features a 'pick and mix' section to create your own unique Cadbury hamper.

Chateau Online
Chateau Online has launched its range of more than 100 of the finest spirits including whiskies, rums, vodkas, cognacs and much more. You will also find exclusive gift ideas: mixed cases, wine subscriptions, gift vouchers and gourmet hampers.

Lucies Farm
As well as being a notable supplier of Kobe Beef, they also supply hampers.

Hampers without sprouts - we think!

The Larder Box
Artisan food boxes!

Baby Elephant UK
Hampers for babies and mums!

Clearwater Hampers
Treat yourself to their selection of yummy treats!

Hamper Gifts
Hampers as gifts!

Flowers Online 24
Not just flowers, hampers as well!

Chocolate Trading Company
Do you think you might find some chocolate in their hamper?

Diet Chef
A hamper for dieters!

Flowers Direct
A hamper full of flowers - only kidding!

Edible flowers - only fooling!

Basket Ware
The hampers may be empty, but they are eco friendly!

The following ossuary is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

Simply Fair
The Organic FAIR TRADE company. Range includes tea, coffee, food, gifts, hampers, gift cards & wrapping.

Simply Picnic
Picnic Hampers - that's something different, as it includes the equipment for going on a picnic, physical hampers for carrying the stuff, etc!

The Fish Society
A hamper full of fish!

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

Oh how good it now IS that Fortnum and Mason has an affiliate program! ... (Fortnum and Mason famous hampers from £40 to £20,000). Of course they now have a dedicated page here like Harrods and a special mention on the Shopping Portal, and a few other places too! It's good that they are now on here!

Advice about Hampers generally:

It's important to make sure your Hamper company is reliable and that the Hamper money is ringfenced and that the Hamper company can't go broke and leave you stuffed for Christmas. See www.unfairpak.co.uk . We're reasonably confident about all of the companies on this page. Also, it has been suggested that if you like, you can be your own Hamper company! What you do is to open a bank account and put away your Hamper payments into your own account, and then, near Christmas, withdraw the cash and buy your Christmas stuff!

Not to be confused with such things as "disaster news: bad weather hampers rescue efforts" etc.