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Yummy bite the chocolate bar logo!

Cadbury Gifts Direct

Well, Cadburys Chocolate is our personal favourite, if it's yours this is the page for you! Very naughty, but extremely nice!!Lots of yummy choccy items

"Throughout history chocolate has been associated with romance and sharing.Click here for chocolate heaven!

Today the richness and smoothness of Cadbury chocolate is what makes it one of the world's favourite treats.

Discover everything here that you want to know about Cadbury and chocolate, from historical facts to delicious recipes.

Think delicious chocolate, think Cadbury

Cadbury Gifts Direct - the simple, convenient way to gift Cadbury chocolate.

Choose from a wide range of delicious Cadbury products including many not available in shops or supermarkets. Features a 'pick and mix' section to create your own unique Cadbury hamper.

For a present with universal appeal, give the taste of Cadbury".

If you have been tempted by this (We really can't believe you haven't!), here's the link:


Catch the chocolate train here!

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Cadburys. Jolly good company! And, in my opinion, worth far more than the "derisory offer" which was put in by Kraft in 2009 !