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Fortnum and Mason

Luxury Goods available in London and Online

Fortnum and MasonFortnum & Mason is a famous place of class and distinction, supplying quality goods to the gentry, connoisseurs, and to the affluent, wealthy achievers to whom quality matters more than price.

Since 1707 when Fortnum & Mason was founded, much has happened. There are more people who are wealthy and can afford the high class goods of which Fortnum & Mason are purveyors. Also, now that there is The Internet, you can place your orders for such quality goods wherever you are, and then await the delivery.

In the words of Fortnum & Mason: "Fabulous for Food, Drink & Celebration! ... At Fortnum & Mason’s online store you can experience the unique shopping experience of Fortnum’s London, filled with hundreds of wonderful gifts and our world famous hampers, together with food, wine and accessories. There is nothing quite like Fortnum's…

About Fortnum's

Fortnum and MasonFortnum & Mason, established 1707 in Piccadilly London, is one of the world's finest stores renowned for wonderful hampers and a legendary Food Hall. In the Piccadilly store you will find everything you need: with five wonderful restaurants, Beauty à la Carte, our luxurious beauty rooms in the heart of town, and six floors with everything from food, wine, accessories, gifts and hampers. You can shop from Fortnum's famous store online at www.fortnumandmason.com - where you will find the wonderful new Christmas collection of hampers, gifts, food and wine available now".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here to visit Fortnum and Mason!

Fortnum and Mason

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Fortnum & Mason: "We are delighted to launch the new Fortnum & Mason affiliate programme with Linkshare"

I can personally recommend Fortnum & Mason, as I visited there on at least one of my visits to London. The high class restaurant is diversity-friendly and the staff are aware that wealthy people are sometimes eccentric. The quality of the lobster is good, and special dietary requirements are catered for. Meanwhile in the food halls, the range of jam and other products in jars is astonishing. It is this range which would most likely have something to please the most choosy of customers.

Update 2011: I wonder what a few people have got against Fortnum and Mason?! On March 26th 2011, while 250,000 people peacefully protested against the government in a moderate left-wing TUC rally, a much smaller group of political extremists attacked some of the famous landmarks of London. Most notably, about a thousand people invaded Fortnum and Mason! Well, What have they got against Fortnum & Mason? Can it be, perhaps, that Fortnum & Mason are frequented by The Rich? It is true that luxury goods are on sale at Fortnum & Mason, but this seems quite a weak excuse for a protest, especially as a great many of the products are quite affordably priced. If you'd like to check on the veracity of this, Visit Fortnum & Mason