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Tea Companies

Twinings Teashop

Tea World *

Whittard Teas *

Adagio Teas *

Mighty Leaf Tea *

Peet's *

Tea Collection *

Teavana *

Cho-Yung *

Birt and Tang *

Golden Moon Tea *

Boca Java *

Tea Cargo *

Drakon Tea *

Tazo Tea *

Lu Lin Teas *

Fortnum and Mason *

Tassimo *

London Fine Foods Group *

Coffee For Less *
Not a misprint - they also sell tea!

Ridgways Tea 0800 633 5650 UK

Brooke Bond 0800 614683 UK - was www.brookebond.co.uk

Tetley.co.uk / .com 0800 387227 UK

Typhoo - was www.typhoo.co.uk 0800 7832194 UK - welcome back!

Ringtons 0800 052 2440 UK
Ringtons was originally "Titterington and Smith" but that wouldn't fit on the delivery vehicles (originally horsedrawn), so it was adjusted like this: TitteringtonSmith = Ringtons. see, it's nothing to do with ringtones

Wiltshire Tea 01249 713648 UK

BETA Tea www.beta.com.tr
The official site appears to be temporarily offline at the time of publishing. Hopefully this will be restored soon (please let us know so this can be updated).

Horniman's Tea also see Hornimans

Steenbergs Tea - was http://www.steenbergs-tea.com
Part of the large range of Steenbergs organic Fairtrade products, including organic fairtrade herbs and spices at Steenbergs.co.uk

Tea-Cha Australia

SOMA Premium Tea - was http://www.somatea.com/

Chai Lounge

e-Teas - online tea specialists

The Tea Tree

Nothing But Tea Ltd

Jarrett +44 (0) 1449 767076

Jacksons of Piccadilly

Douwe Egberts Pickwick

Yorkshire Tea 0500 418898 UK


Jing Tea Ltd

Quench Lemon Tea - was http://www.victoriafoods.co.uk

Exotic Teapot

Eternal Spring - was www.eternalspring.org.uk

Also see Book: The Heritage of Indian Tea

* = affiliate program

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Things associated with tea: Teapots, kettles, tealeaves, sugar, milk, teabags, dormice, clean cups.

Places famous for growing tea: India , China , Ceylon

There is also a review of some medicinal uses of tea on h2g2.

Also see a silly write-up about how to choose your lottery numbers using tealeaves, or even teabags

It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is ZYRA's cup of tea!More madness is seen evident in the continued upgrade of Zyra's teacup

Plus the odd speculation and experiment: What would tea taste like if it was brewed in a rubber hot water bottle ? (yuck!)

Tea flavoured from carpet and wallpaper?!: Tea from a Dehumidifier - very odd

Also, what about Tea mixed with Coffee ?

But what if you have made a cup of tea and put too much sugar in it. How to remove sugar from tea after it's already been added!

Maybe not what was expected, but... More Tea Vicar

Plus a curious speculation: What is the maximum number of spoonfuls of sugar that can be dissolved into a cup of tea?