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Can you really lose weight from drinking tea? Well that is the claim of Cho-Yung, we'd be interested to know if it works for you!

"CHO-YUNG is a state of the art, online business for a brand of Chinese slimming tea. The site promotes CHO-YUNG tea to potential customers, who form part of the billion pounds a year UK diet industry.

Despite the credit crunch, gym memberships are currently on the rise, as a large proportion of the millions of clinically obese UK adults attempt to slim down; CHO-YUNG is able to effectively tap into this market through targeted online messages.

CHO-YUNG firstly encourages slimmer’s to take part in a 14-day, free trial, before converting early enquirers into regular customers.

Customers have no need to change their eating habits or need to take up strenuous exercise, the magic of the tea works by changing the way your body deals with excess fat.

Drinking CHO-YUNG tea will educate your body to burn and dispose of unwanted fat. Typical users will lose around 2-3 kg (5-7lbs) per month for doing nothing more than drinking tea!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:



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