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How to remove sugar from tea or coffee after you've already added it:

Having made a cup of tea or coffee stirred two sugars in, you might initially suppose it's impossible to remove any. You know the kind of situation: You make a cup of tea for your friend, put two teaspoons of sugar in, and then on reconsideration say "You still take 2 spoons of sugar, don't you". Friend says "Oh no, I only have ONE spoon of sugar these days". What to do? You can't take the sugar out of the tea, can you? Well, you can!

Here's what to do: Make a second cup of tea and put no sugars in. So now you've got one cup of tea with two sugars and one with zero sugars. Now, mix the two cups of tea together and then put the tea back in the cups. You've now got two cups of tea with one sugar in each! See, simple, isn't it?

You give one of the cups of tea to your friend who likes one sugar in tea, saying "I put two spoons of sugar at first but now there's only one in". This admission of an impressive miracle may require some explaining, and possibly another tea. This is one way of dealing with the second cup of tea (which we remember had also one spoonful of sugar in it).

Another solution which has been suggested, is to just make the cup of tea twice as big. Not as silly as it sounds, because a pint of tea with two sugars tastes exactly like half a pint of tea with one sugar.Cup of Tea? Drinking tea out of pint pots is one of the cultural eccentricities which Zyra and friends have perpetuated for years. Zyra's teacup has been upgraded many times and is now a gallon jug.

In answer to questions such as "what if it was three spoonfuls of sugar?" and "what if you only wanted half a heaped teaspoon?" and "does all this work or are you just winding us up?", the way to think about this is to understand it is the taste of the tea/coffee which is important and the sweetness aspect of this is to do with the concentration of sugar. That is how many sugars per litre there are in the drink, not how many in absolute numeric terms. Other "science made easy" stuff like this: density.

One question I have been asked is: If you mix a cup of tea that has two spoons of sugar with a cup of tea that has no sugar, how do you know that the sugar will become mixed, and no all end up in one cup? On probability, generally you find it will mix perfectly well. It's like ink in water. Also see what happened to the iceberg that sunk the titanic. Plus another point on the handling of tea is that you can microwave a cold cup of tea later and it will be "not bad". Coffee can be reheated without any problem, but reheated tea is an acquired taste. I quite like it, myself.

Note that you can't use this method to remove ALL of the sugar from a previously sugared cup of tea or coffee. You can reduce it, but this isn't a method for extracting all of it.

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Sugar is about 16 calories per spoon (16Kcal), and generally doesn't make you fat. Even if you've got diabetes, sugar is ok IN MODERATION.

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