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Diabetes Mellitus - Sugar Diabetes - the classic diabetic condition involving insulin and the islets of Langerhans on the pancreas. Various helpful stuff here...

See Diabetes UK (formerly the British Diabetic Association), and the American Diabetic Association, and Diabetic suppliers such as DiabetesStore.com. We're also trying to get back in contact with Diabetic.com

Diabetes StoreWorth a lookOther international links will be added when some helpful person e-mails me with more information. (also see charities).

Also see What is diabetes anyway? for a description and helpful info.

At some point please DO visit the commercial contacts on this page. Loads of helpful stuff, and competitive prices to compare on diabetic supplies.

If you've just been diagnosed as having DIABETES, don't worry - it's not as bad as it might be imagined to be. It's almost painless, and... more about this here

If you haven't got diabetes, there are some hints on how to avoid it! If you never have any time off, you should read this: How to avoid catching the dreaded diabetes

Having got the disease I then put four years of research into curing it. I'm a mad scientist and have some interesting weird theories, and I believe I was at one point close to finding a CURE! more about this here

Add more stuff to this! e-mail

Also note that people who have got diabetes are known as "diabetics" as if it's some kind of classification of people or a belief system. This is partly true, as there is a "Diabetic Mentality" ...going on more about this here. One of the things about this is the going on about detail, especially about their health, so in that spirit I'll tell you about other illnesses I've got... coeliac disease and schizophrenia

Other links:

Emperor's Herbologist - Chromium and glucose control formulae - worth a closer look

Gourdin; a cure for diabetes?Gourdin - this looks like it's a CURE FOR DIABETES! But you tell me what You think!

Leicestershire Diabetes - self help group

Tesco eDiets - A specially designed diet for type 2 diabetes

Glucotrin - Trying to help you combat Pre-Diabetes

Peacocks Medical Group - specially made diabetically friendly footwear which helps to defeat diabetic complications in the feet. (we should sign up to their affiliate program!)

Have you got diabetes? Have you heard every "DO NOT"? Well, here's a diabetic "DO NOT" that you've almost certainly never seen before: Lottery Numbers!

News! 2003/11: Possible cure for diabetes discovered. Research with mice shows reversing of diabetes. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3266987.stm

Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duodenum and look up "bypass". This reveals a remarkable discovery in which diabetes is cured. Also see www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/04/17/60minutes/main4023451.shtml

Plus, www.diabetes.co.il - "The Diabetes Quiz is an educational site to learn about diabetes. The Flash quiz has over 100 questions and topics include: diabetes basics, diet and food, exercise and fitness, stress and relaxation, statistics. There is also a Flash browser on the site to view and print all questions and answers. The interface is simple and both kids and adults will find this new educational resource a unique way to learn about diabetes".

Also see David Henderson's Personal Experiences of Diabetes