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the Diabetic Mentality

It's true you know. People who have got diabetes have some curious behavioural traits that non-diabetics don't have! I'm talking here about TYPE1 diabetes, not TYPE2, which has a different set of causes. I think that the Diabetic Mentality gives a set of clues which may help to find a cure for the disease. A key point to this is that the Diabetic Mentality might only be present in those who have caught diabetes, and not in cases of surgical removal of the pancreas.

IMPORTANCE! IMPORTANCE! Diabetics have a different way of thinking about importance than other people. Priority decisions are different. For example, a diabetic will digress into a different subject, and then that new subject has at least as much importance as the initial one, - I know because I do this myself (It's because of the diabetes I've got) - which reminds me I'd better check my blood glucose, which is VERY IMPORTANT, etc.

See the sort of thing I mean. Focus of attention zooms in, and then digresses again, etc. It is like a blinkered or tunnel-vision way of thinking. It's the opposite of seeing the wider picture or overview. I'm not saying the attention to detail is a fault, indeed it has its uses, but it is very much a diabetic thing.

Rushing about. Everything HAS to be done, and it has to be done because it's a matter of great urgency or importance (even though we know it isn't).

Diabetic people can seize upon a detail and make it important. Shops and supermarkets beware! The diabetic with a complaint about something shall not be ignored!

Diabetes has its uses. For example, if there is an emergency, it's the non-diabetics who chase around like headless chickens, whereas the diabetic behaves sensibly and rationally. That's because the diabetic in normal life is living in a state of perpetual emergency in the mind because the machine has got stuck-on.

Note: If you've got diabetes and you think I'm not being fair, please note that this is not a personal comment on YOU, but is an observation of behavioural traits in diabetic people in general. I am a diabetic myself, and I know other people who have interesting behaviour like this.