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BAD Lottery Numbers Selecting Methods...

The Diabetic Blood Glucose Test

On every pack of diabetic blood glucose test strips is a set of sample test readings to compare the result against visually. If ever the lottery machine were to produce the numbers 7,9,11,17,28,44 the jackpot would be shared between several hundred people who all had diabetes and who all had the bright idea of using the numbers on the BM1-44 test strips!

If you measure your blood glucose, and you want to your own results as a lottery random number generator, good luck! This would at least be personal, and probably a much better way of choosing the numbers. Of course you will have to scale them so they fit within a range of 1-49. A similar method can be used for using a coin to choose lottery numbers

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Diabetes is a ghastly business really, so it makes a change when you see someone who's actually got the Dreaded Disease tries to make a joke about it. Of course the in-joke about this particular notion, of choosing the lottery numbers using a diabetic blood glucose test strip pack, is that the Diabetic Mentality makes it likely that a lot of diabetics would actually do this!