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How to avoid catching the dreaded

Diabetes Mellitus

I'm not a doctor, but I have personal experience of diabetes and have done a lot of unorthodox scientific research into the disease.

There are some hints on how to avoid it! I caught the dreaded diabetes by worrying too much, not having any time off, not having any fun, and by grief due to bereavement. My advice is: Don't work too hard, have at least one day off a week, and don't let things that might be important be ALL-IMPORTANT.

Always have Sunday off (or any other one day a week, there's nothing religious about it), have fun, and turn off your phone some of the time.

It is said that there is a propensity to diabetes, and it's usually assumed to be genetic or a vulnerability to a virus. I believe that it is more of a way of thinking which gives rise to the disease. Worrying too much, and thinking about minor annoyances as being VERY IMPORTANT. Such things might be a personal trait, but by changing the thinking a bit it may be possible to avoid catching the dreaded diabetes!

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Note that the advice given here is to help you avoid catching TYPE1 diabetes, which is what I've got. I do not know if any of this is applicable to TYPE2, which you can get when you're middle-aged.