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If you have been diagnosed as insane, do not worry. Normality is well over-rated, and there are advantages with the madness. Besides, there are a lot of good contacts and a lot of interesting people to know. Believe me, I know. I can name hotels which are very helpful too. Meanwhile, here are a few useful contacts, being added to soon:

Zyra's MAD LINKS page (this page)

Official PERCEPTIONS/VOICES site now showing at : www.perceptionsforum.org.uk

Also see Unofficial VOICES FORUM page

Mad Pride (www.madpride.net)

The Recovery Network

rethink Severe Mental Illness
(Rethink - the new name for the National Schizophrenia Fellowship NSF)

NSF Scotland

@EASE (was http://www.rethink.org/at-ease/ ) - by rethink

Saneline: 08457 678000 uk / +44 (0) 207 375 1002

Carers Line 0808 808 7777 uk

HyperGuide to the Mental Health Act
was www.hyperguide.co.uk/mha/

Schizophrenia - Open The Doors - site sponsored by the Lilly Drugs Company

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Mental Health Media

Brown's Psychology Resource - was www.psy.dmu.ac.uk/brown/ - now Brown.uk.com - Welcome Back!

UKAN (United Kingdom Advocacy Network)

ECT Anonymous

Changing Minds Campaign - was www.changingminds.co.uk

Hearing Voices Network - was www.hearing-voices.org.uk (which is different from VOICES FORUM)

National Perceptions Forum (which is THE SAME as the Voices Forum)

Pioneer Consensus
(was http://communities.msn.co.uk/pioneerconsensus )

Voice-Hearers' Group

Schizophrenia Association of Great Britain - was www.sagb.co.uk

MIND 08457 660163 uk

Survivors Network
(was http://www.survivors.network.ukgateway.net)

Reclaim Bedlam

Mad NOT Bad ! - was www.madnotbad.co.uk

Windhorse Associates
A non-profit organization in New England, USA, working on recovery and helping folks reduce or get off of meds: "We believe that recovery is possible and begin with loosening the grip of the labels that categorize people"

(The link that was on This line has been removed at the request of the person whose site we were giving a link to)

Mental Magazine

Humunn Resources

Peter Munn's mental health resources site - Welcome back!
Gone again - was http://www.humunn-resources.com/

Mental Health Foundation

Depression Alliance 020 7633 0557 uk

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)
(DBSA was previously known as the National Depressive and Manic-depressive Association, or National DMDA)


(www.self-injury.info used to link to www.selfinjury.freeserve.co.uk )

Antipsychotics - the misconception

Mind-in-Manchester - featuring Community Scare!
was www.mind-in-manchester.org.uk - another website presumably hushed up by the establishment!

Eating Disorders Association (www.edauk.com)

Scarborough Survivors

Well Scrambled

Epping Advocacy

Mental Health Action Group
was http://www.survivors.karoo.net/

Pest Control London
10 years experience in dealing with all types of infestations.

(They have specifically requested to be on this page, and so that's fair enough).

C PTSD Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Maca - www.maca.org.uk

Shamanic Studios


Tamarand Unity Group

Shaping Our Lives Network
was www.solnetwork.org.uk

Help for Health Trust
was www.hfht.org

BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder World


Survivors Poetry


Boston Mental Hospital

Act Up! for Mental Health.co.uk
(was www.actupformentalhealth.co.uk )

Bradford & Airedale Mental Health Advocacy Group

Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

Sheffield Mental Health Group

National Electronic Library for Mental Health
(was http://www.nelnh.org)

The Maudsley Page
(was http://www.io.p.kcl.ac.uk/main)

Art Under the Sun

emental-health.com (gone)

Youth Access: 020 8772 9900

British government mental health awareness campaign! - gone!

National Self-Harm Network: PO Box 16190 London NW1 3WW


Association of Personality Disorders
was http://asperdis.org


Mental Health Act; by Mark Walton

Dave Sheppard's site


Crisis Line 0800 501254 (centred on Yorkshire area)

Sandwell MIND

Sandwell MIND Bookshop
(Gone! Was http://www.sandwellmind.co.uk)

Cazie's Mental Health in the UK
(was http://www.geocities.com/cazie/ ) - perhaps the ultimate Mad directory

Hoarding Stuff
a psychiatric condition?

Mental Health Training - was www.mhtraining.co.uk

Core Arts
was http://www.creativecommunities.org.uk/Register/core.html

Pam's House - Carers - Experts by Experience

Mental Health SouthWest
(was http://www.mentalhealthsouthwest.org)

Distress Awareness Training Agency


Propaganda.2itb.com (gone)

Wokingham Mind
was www.wokinghammind.org.uk

Skills For Care.org.uk

Berkshire Mental Health
was http://www.berkshire.nhs.uk/mentalhealth/

Nottingham Self-Help


CREATIVITY - the Literary Charity

www.orthomed.org.uk - OrthoMed - Orthomolecular Medicine


The NO FORCE Campaign
( was http://pages.zdnet.com/cullyd/thenoforcecampaign/ )Escape from the Mental Health System by Magic!

Message about a Mental Health Bill Protest


Merseyside Fellowship of Depressives Anonymous

Communicator Magazine - was www.communicatormagazine.org

Art Works in Mental Health
was www.artworksinmentalhealth.co.uk


Mental Health Resource Centre - gone - was www.mhrc.cc  links
(gone - was http://www.mhrc.cc/links/org.html )

Mary Frances Trust
(welcome back! was www.maryfrancestrust.org.uk and is again!)

Southwark Mind

was http://groups.msn.com/PsychHelp/

Paranoia Support Group

(was http://www.btinternet.com/~symon.price/outcry.html )
OUTCRY; a conference of direct user and survivor voices, speaking out against prejudice and government proposals to increase compulsion.

Successful Schizophrenia.org

Outcry Conference.co.uk
gone - was www.outcryconference.co.uk




Mad For Arts
http://www.madforarts.org/ - hijacked by cybersquatters

Flippinmental - was www.flippinmental.org

Mad as a Fish - aw! come on, that may be mad, and may be flippin', but it hardly replaces Flippinmental!

GooseberryPie.com - Psi power
(was http://www.gooseberrypie.com/ )

www.sun-int.org - Service User Network International

Museum of The Mind - Bethlem Heritage (Bedlam)

Also, websites of people with personal experience:


was www.speedi.org.uk



Carol Batton

(was http://pages.zdnet.com/cullyd/ )

Angelbaby - was www.borderline-babe.co.uk

Symon Price
(Editor of Mental Health Concerns and Issues) (was http://www.btinternet.com/~symon.price/ )

Mike Crawford
was http://rakers1967.tripod.com

Purple Pippa - was www.purplepippa.co.uk

Sue Holt

www.schizo.contactbox.co.uk (gone)

Plus the webpages of individuals within the Voices Forum


more to be added soon (but only at their own request)


Down with the proposed Mental Health Act in the UK! You can sign a petition at... The Petition Site /linkCo-Op Bank - customer led, ethically guided

There is a much-perpetuated myth that you just have to keep taking the tablets - it's a problem.

The Co-Op Bank supports good causes in mental health, for example the Anti-stigma campaign. Well Done to The Co-Op Bank!

You don't have to be MAD to have an irrational fear. Phobia of something, whether it be spiders, feathers, peach fur, or anything else, is more usual than you might think, and there is a method to cure it. See How to cure a Phobia

Update: See the NO FORCE Campaign (was http://pages.zdnet.com/cullyd/thenoforcecampaign/)

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