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Community Zero

Links & Projects

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1 Stop Project  Care Co-ops and partners ESF project - was http://www.communityzero.com/1stop

        Access to Learning  Joint CC/Workability Educational Project site http://www.communityzero.com/teach

Brighton & Hove Community Forum - was http://www.communityzero.com/brighton - A place for the voluntary sector to encounter local activists and share info

Brighton & Hove Modernisation Council Information about NHS reforms

CC Graphical resources  (Heavy graphics - very slow on a 56K) www.brighton.is-crazy.com

CC links  Our network  http://www.links.is-crazy.com

CC Resources  A description of us... http://www.resource.is-crazy.com

Community Development - yet to be launched

Consumer Consultancy Management site  Management and specific project issues and discussions. Committee members only http://www.communityzero.com/workers

Consumers in Touch Editorial Board  Advisory members http://theeditor.is-crazy.com

Dis-ABILITY Network  At some point this will aid in our networking with the disability movement  http://www.communityzero.com/ability

Employment  Our contract with PACT to admin their P"W site runs out so we will TSF all relevant info here before July http://www.communityzero.com/employment

Insight - tells it like it is...  This will eventually be our main web presence  http://pages.zdnet.com/cullyd (gone)

IT and the voluntary sector  Not much on here yet - just started http://www.communityzero.com/ccit

Men's Circle - An attempt over time to begin identifying issues relevant to men and mental health

Modernisation Council  NHS news and change info http://www.communityzero.com/modern

Pathways to Work - A PACT and Workability site - temporarily deactivated - was http://pathwaystowork.intranets.com/

Personal Growth  Waiting for a member to help out developing this site http://www.communityzero.com/pgrowth

Reclaim Bedlam ( http://bedlamreclaimed.is-crazy.com/ ) - Pete's site - an example of helping consumers get a web presence

Research  A place to drop off useful libraries and databases http://www.communityzero.com/look

SE Survivors Network  This will eventually unite all the local user groups as they get online  http://www.communityzero.com/users

Social Enterprise .SE  SE UK Social Enterprise Activity http://www.communityzero.com/sent

Social Housing  This has just been started to support our work with SDHousing Tenant Committee http://www.communityzero.com/sdha

Sussex Social Enterprise Group - Yahoo email group

The New Activist  Activism resources http://www.communityzero.com/activist

The Synergy Network  Mental Health News and Information http://www.communityzero.com/radical

This is Sussex  Browse the "Charities and Voluntary Groups" link to find us  http://www.communigate.co.uk/sussex/

Training and Coaching - was http://www.communigate.co.uk/sussex/cully/index.phtml

Another site waiting for member interest before it takes off  http://www.communityzero.com/cully

        UK Voluntary Sector Funding  This will eventually be a site that reflects all the potential funding avenues http://www.communityzero.com/funds

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Might be more to be seen at the page of MAD RESOURCES